Tamil Tv Serial Lakshmi

Lakshmi Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Lakshmi is a Tamil Television Serial. This serial revolves around a girl called Lakshmi. In this television show, the producer tried to narrate the viewers, how a girl is harassed by inhuman wild trafficking and child prostitution. This was a story of a girl who belonged to a small village in India. The inhuman and prostitution of bad gang for the woman of India was hidden behind the curtains. In this show, Lakshmi was kidnapped by a small gang. She was sold for money to do prostitution.

She falls into the trap of the wild inhuman world. She will be forcibly raped and beaten brutally. While she struggles to survive and live a new life, some girls help her to escape. With their help and with her will power she escapes. In this show, the narrator described the will and power of a girl for her own rights and freedom.

Main Roles:

'Santhoshi' is an Indian Television Actress. She is mainly known for her roles in South India Serials and Movies. She was born on 31st March in the year 1987.

'Sanjeev' is a Film and Tamil Television Actor. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is mainly known for his roles in serials like 'Nambikkai', 'Metti Oli', 'Penn', 'Shiva Shakti' and several other.