Ravikumar is a famous actor from Tamil television serials. He has a majestic look and a great voice, which helps him get important roles, which are central to the serials he is acting. He shows his talent by selecting different characters and performing exceptionally well in all of them.

Ravikumar came to the media world with the interest to become a great actor. He had his previous generation actors as role models and he wanted to grow like them some day. With this goal, he was looking for a good opportunity to start his acting career. He got lots of small roles in television and advertisement films, but they were not as good as his wonderful acting talent.

Ravikumar got a chance to act in an important character in the famous television serial “ Chithi”. This character called 'Eashwarapandiyan' gave him the opportunity he was waiting all these days. He played this role perfectly with his superb acting skills and everyone all over Tamil Nadu knew him now. He was compared to great actors whom Ravikumar originally modelled. That single character took him to the level he wanted to reach. Next, he acted in a serial called “Chellamey” for the same group, where he was given the role of Aavudaiyappan. Once again, it fit him perfectly where he expressed the right emotions and got the support of fans immediately. This opened up many other opportunities to Ravikumar, who used them wisely by selecting only those characters which suited him perfectly. As a result, he grew to the level where he always wanted to reach. He expressed in an interview that acting for television serials gives him immense pleasure as he is able to make many people happy at the same time.