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Other names of Latha Sethupathi: Latha, M.G.R. Latha, Latha Sabapathi
Latha Sethupathi Tamil Actress
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Latha Sethupathi was born on 7 June 1953. She is a top quality Indian performing artist, who appeared in heading parts in South Indian movies amid the 1970s and early 1980s. She is likewise known for her roles in different serials in Tamil and Telugu dialect and keeps on being famous in this business sector. 


Latha Sethupathi’s photogenic looks and moving aptitudes pulled in consideration and excellent response from the Tamil film industry. She entered movies when she was fifteen and was empowered by her auntie who was an on-screen character popularly known as “ Kamala Kotnis Kamala Kotnis is one of the most well known ever y >> Read More... Kamala Kotnis .” Her first film was in “Ulagam Sutram Valiban (1973)”, whose star and maker was “M. G. Ramachandran”. She is from the Sethupathy faction, the Royal group of “Ramnad”. Her father was “Shanmugha Rajeswara Sethupathi” and mother is “Leelarani”. Actor “Rajkumar Sethupathy” is her sibling.

Latha turned into an extremely famous on-screen character and had won a few honors. She has acted in more than one hundred movies traversing Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Her introduction film was “ Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Click to look into! >> Read More... Ulagam Sutrum Valiban (1973)”, in which she featured close by “M. G. Ramachandran”. The film was noteworthy as it attained a level of specialized ability, for example, shooting beneath the water that has not been recreated till today in Tamil Cinema. The film's prosperity soar her to the highest point of the business, and she was congratulated by the press for being the best and most captivating amongst all the four performers in the film.

After a break of 14 years, she effectively repeated her profession by acting in heading parts in numerous serials in Tamil and Telugu. In 2002, she played horrible moms-in-law role in Telugu TV serials “ Eenati Ramayanam Eenati Ramayanam is a popular family genre Telugu >> Read More... Eenati Ramayanam ”, “Pavithrabandham” and “ Matti Manishi Every business at present has the notion of making >> Read More... Matti Manishi ”. Recently, she has picked up much reputation nearby “Raadhika Sarathkumar” in the Tamil TV serials “Chitthi”, “ Selvi Selvi is a Tamil serial aired on Sun TV and was pr >> Read More... Selvi ” and most broadly in “ Arasi Arasi is a drama series which came on the channel >> Read More... Arasi ”. Her part in Arasi is extremely famous amongst the demographic of Tamils. Her part is best known for her catchphrases “Pada Padannu Irukkiradhu” and “Idhu Rombo Too Much” and the comical depiction of the character.

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Latha Sethupathi is a famous Tamil artist. She is popularly known as M G R  Latha. Her original name is Nalini. She was born on 7th June 1953 in a village in Tamil Nadu to Shanmugha Rajeswara Sethupathi and Leelarani. She was a very applauded dancer even in her school days. Her picturesque beauty and incomparable dancing skill paved her way to the forts of Tamil film industry. She made her debut appearance in a movie when she was just fifteen. She was supported by her aunt Kamala Kotris, who was also a well-received actress. 
Her first film was “Ulagam Sutram Valiban”. M G Ramachandran M G Ramachandran was a demigod for his fans. And h >> Read More... M G Ramachandran was the producer and hero of the movie. The film has many technical initiatives like underwater shooting. It was also shot in foreign locations so far unknown to Indian Cinema like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan & Hong Kong. Her acting was evocative and thus followed successful series of blockbusters. She had acted in excess of a hundred films spanning Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi
Her noteworthy performance is “Andala Ramudu” - an intense love story, “Shanker Salim Simon”, “ Meenava Nanban Click to look into! >> Read More... Meenava Nanban ”, “Sivakamiyin Selvan”, “Neeya Needhiku Thalivanangu” etc. She also made some noticeable performance in Telugu movies like “Srungara Ramudu”. She acted as a college girl in this film.
She won a film fare award for her performance in “Vattathukkal Sadhuram” in which she acted as a dancer. The Kalaimamani award was bestowed upon her by the State Government of Tamil Nadu for her extraordinary and lifetime achievements in Tamil Cinema. She also received many accolades from Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of Andhra Pradesh for her lifelong contribution to film industry. She briefly participated in politics following the lineage of her father, Shanmugha Rajeswara Sethupathi, who was once the Raja of Ramnad, and a veteran politician. 

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For yesteryear actress Latha, it was like a dream come true to work in MGR’s movies. She was the leading heroine of all MGR’s films. She was still in school when R S Manohar, the then villain in Tamil films, saw photographs of her dance performances and showed to MGR (who was in search of new heroines for his projects). Although her mother did not approve this idea, Mr. Manohar persisted and persuaded her mother. Later on, Latha herself, wanted her mother to agree as she was interested in acting. Even her aunt, Kamla, who danced with Dev Anand Dev Anand would be nostalgically remembered by fil >> Read More... Dev Anand , had encouraged her a lot to take up acting seriously. She has very shy and extremely nervous (in the first two movies) to work with MGR. But Her co-star MGR was very helpful, teaching her and giving her the nuances of acting, dialogue delivery, etc. He even gave her tips on dancing. She still considers MGR as her mentor, philosopher, and guide.

While shooting for ‘Ulagam Sutrum Valiban’, Latha, Chandrakala, Manjula and MGR’s wife, Janaki had flown to Singapore to shoot some sequences. The trip was an almost excursion for this 15-year old actress Latha. Since she and Manjula were of the same age, they became good friends too. Later, Latha was MGR’s heroine in all his last movies. Even after he became the chief minister, he had shot for a couple of movies with this heroine. When MGR had asked her if she was interested in joining politics or not, she could not position herself between films and politics. However, Latha had wanted to work for the party (AIADMK) and during the first two elections, before the party came to power, she had given dance performances to collect funds for the party. She remained active in MGR’s party for few years and then got married and bid bye to politics and even films.

She was seen in some Tamil serials later on. She acted even with superstar Rajinikanth (Sankar Salim Simon), which had Lakshmi in the main role. 

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Latha Sethupathi, also popularly known as MGR Latha, had been a very popular actress in 1970s- 80’s. She came to Tamil silver screen at a time when yesteryear actress Jayalalitha (another heroine of MGR) had moved out of MGR camp, and MGR needed new faces to support his movies. Latha tried to fill the gap so well (along with Manjula as another heroine). The combination of MGR-Latha duo gave several blockbuster movies in the 1970s and 1980s. She was the only successful heroine in MGR camp after Saroja Devi, K R Vijaya, and Jayalaithaa, who had filled the screen. Latha’s youthful grace attracted filmmakers even in the Telugu cine world. She could play easily a village belly (Urimai Kural) character and even as a modern girl (Nalai Namathay). In those days, actresses need to have a photogenic face, which she had, but she was truly a graceful and beautiful actress of south Indian cinema, which many of her films had revealed. Her move in the movie industry was plotted by destiny only. As a skilled and trained dancer, she could bring dramatic emotions merely with her dance and expressions. Dancing was her additional asset in the film industry that is why when she was dancing in a programme, R S Manohar, who was a villain in Tamil movies, saw her photographs of dance performance and had shown to MGR. Despite her parent’s reluctance, she made way into movie world with her first film “ Ulagam Sutrum Valiban”. She was just 15 then. She believes that it is MGR who had taught her how to face camera and even guided her in speaking the dialogues, etc. Even the legendary actor MGR gave her tips on dancing. Hence, she found him as her mentor, philosopher, and guide. She not only took Jayalalitha as her rival in her political career but even in films too. Her father was Shanmugha Sethupathy, the PWD minister in the Rajaji government. So she was keen to take the AIADMK party under her reigns too but did not succeed. It is a fact that MGR wanted her to join the party that he was representing, but due to her busy schedule in films, she could not afford it. However, she participated in many meetings, collected funds for the party by her dance performances in several districts of Tamil Nadu, yet she did not take politics so seriously. After her popularity in Tamil and Telugu cinema, she took a decision to quit the film industry and got married to Sethupathi, a Singapore business person. She will be remembered as one of MGR ‘s leading heroine in Tamil cinema always.