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Office is a very popular TV serial being telecast at "Star Vijay" Television. This serial is based on friends working together in an office and the romance, humorous moments between them. Shruthi Raj Shruthi Raj is a young television serial and film >> Read More... and Karthik act as the lead roles in this serial. They play the popular characters of Raji and Karthik respectively. Romance between Raji and Karthik is liked and well followed by tamilians all over the world. Other supporting cast in this serial includes Madhumitha, Susan George Susan George is an English actress and is also a p >> Read More... , Uday Mahesh Uday Mahesh’s full name is Udhayabhanu Maheswaran. >> Read More... and Vishnu Kumar Vishnu Kumar is a popular Tamil serial actor and a >> Read More... . Ilayavan has composed the melodic title music for this serial which is a super hit song among viewers. His theme music for this serial has also got quite a number of fans. S Madhan Kumar is the editor and R Balagurunathan DFT is the cinematographer whose technical excellence has got appreciation from viewers as well as experts on the field. The main reason for the serial’s success is its movie style production and top quality acting. Script for “Office” is written by Jacob, directed by Jacob and Bamini. They have got the pulse of young television watchers, while making sure that people from other age range also enjoy the serial by giving a good mix of romance, humor, suspense, feelings and practical aspects of life. B. Ravikumar acts as the executive producer for “Office” which is produced by K J Ganesh.

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Star Vijay’s Office is its first of a kind serial in Tamil covering the work environment of an typical IT concern which deals the story and happenings about a set of Fresher’s who have joined as a trainees. Jacob and Bamini are the directors of this serial Office which made a sensational hit among the young teenagers as the story line was completely different than every other serials involving cunning aunties and weeping house wives. This is totally a mini cinematic genre covers young colorful storyline with humor, romance, office politics, friendship and many more. The main characters of the serial is played among Shruthi Raj as Raji, Karthik as Karthik, Vishnu as Vishnu and Madhumila as Laxmi. The interaction between Karthik and Raji seems to be the lovely romance part that makes the core of the story. Along with the other pair Vishnu and Raji it becomes more sensational that attracts the young audience to the mega serials which till time belonged to house wives. The Senior Manager role Vishwanathan played by Uday Magesh has been posted multiple times in the social media due to intense dialogs and scenes that explains about the office politics and advice he provides to all level of people which they can correlate with every one of their own lives. Also, Office serial has nominated and won so many awards among the television channels and also has thousands of followers in the social media websites.


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