Saakshi Siva

Other names of Saakshi Siva: Durai Saakshi Sivaa, Sakshi Siva

Saakshi Siva is one of the most leading actors in Tamil and Telugu series industry. He is well-known for his character in “ Anandham” in which he has portrayed the role as an “Asst. Commissioner”. This role has earned him great fame and honour. The roles that he portrays create a lot of impression in the hearts of the audience, and hence his works are well appreciated by them.

Saakshi Siva was born on 6th February 1972 in Andhra Pradesh. He has done many Tamil and Telugu series since 2000, and even now he is acting in the greatest Indian epic, which is “ Mahabharatham”. His television series includes Tharkappu Kalai Theeratha, Anandham, Namma Kudumbam, ‘ Ahalya’, ‘ Sathileelavathi’, ‘ Sivasakthi’, ‘ Visaranai’, ‘ Lakshmi’, ‘ Kalyanam’, ‘ Idhayam’, ‘Chellamey’, ‘ Chellakili’, Oru Kai Osai, and ‘Mahabharatham.’ His character in the series Anandham, Sivasakthi, and Chellamey was appreciated to the most when compared to other characters that he has portrayed so far. His realistic acting and face expressions while acting are admirable. He will definitely pursue his acting in playing more deadly character roles in the future. Apart from the serials, he has done two films namely, “ Thozha” in 2008, and “Saroja” in 2008 as well. He has done just a "Cameo Appearance" in Saroja movie. Saakshi Siva has accomplished himself as a badminton player and has won championships at state-level.

Another version of this Bio...

Saakshi Siva is a popular serial artist in Tamil and Telugu industry. He was born in the year 1972. His father was a popular Telugu actor, Sakshi Ranga Rao. Saakshi Siva is married to Rajyalakshmi. He has two cute little daughters, Sai Tejaswi and Sai Lalitha. He is a badminton player too.

Saakshi Siva started his TV career through Tharkappu Kalai Theeratha. He made his debut in serials through ‘ Sorgam’, starred by ‘ Mounika’, Pollachi Babu and Bhanu Prakash. Saakshi Siva performed as an old man and was paired with ‘ Nagalakshmi’, one of the top villainy actresses in Tamil serials. He was noted as well for his cop role in the serial Anandham, which had ‘ Sukanya’, ‘ Kamalesh’, Vijay Adhiraj, Delhi Kumar and Brinda Das. Namma Kudumbam, ‘Ahalya’, ‘Sathileelavathi’, ‘Sivasakthi’, ‘Visaranai’, ‘Lakshmi’, ‘ Chellamay’, ‘Mahabharatham’, Oru Kai Osai and ‘ Chandralekha’ are his top serials. He acted with all the top artists, like Sukanya, Mounika, Radhika Sarathkumar and Meena. He paired Raadhika Sarathkumar in Chellamay and got good reviews for his role. Saakshi Siva has also appeared in two films, Thozha and Saroja. In Saroja, he appeared in a special appearance along with his co-stars in the song Aaja Meri Soniye. Being a state level badminton player, Saakshi Siva has now turned to be a full-time actor.