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Annamalai Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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Annamalai was the successor of the serial named “ Chitthi Story soon >> Read More... ”. It was telecasted on Sun TV. The story involves the long-term fight between the two families who are considered as rivals. The subject of dispute was the Alvarkuruhi’s Annamalaiyar temple. The ownership of Annamalaiyar temple was being disputed for many generations and currently headed by Pattalathar Ammaiyappa and Gandhimadhi of the Rathnagiri family. Annamalai is the only daughter of Pattalathar and he named her after a temple’s deity.

The trouble unfolds when Ulaganathan (Gandhimadhi’s son and heir to the property) falls in love with Annamalai. Using this opportunity, Gandhimadhi demands the Pattalathar's family to transfer the property deeds of the Annamalaiyar temple to her family after which Ulaganathan will marry Annamalai. Thavasi the eldest son of Patalathar is the one who holds the deeds of the Annamalaiyar temple. Thavasi is very fond of her sister Annamalai and for the sake of her happiness, he promises to transfer the deeds of Annamalaiyar temple to Gandhimadhi’s family without the knowledge of Pattalathar.

After which Ulaganathan and Annamalai are married. The serial takes a turn when a murder occurs in their village and with schemes of Paarkavi who is the servant of Ghandimadhi, Annamalai faces a series of hurdles and problems, but still loves and cares for her family. The story later portrays as to how she acts as an important character in building a bridge and ending all the misunderstandings the two families have had between them.


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