Summary The movie lsquo Jilla rsquo raised considerable eagerness among the fans even before its release The movie has Vijay the megastar of Tamil Nadu

Jilla Movie Review

Jilla Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Jilla"
Runtime: 3 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 09-01-2014
2.5 / 5.0


The movie ‘ Jilla’, raised considerable eagerness among the fans even before its release. The movie has Vijay, the megastar of Tamil Nadu. Another important feature in the movie is that Mohanlal, the Malayalam megastar, makes his screen presence felt in this Tamil mass entertainer. Of late, the trend is such that mass entertainers focus more on masala ingredients. Also, there might be streaks of irrationality in mass entertainers. Irrespective of these shortcomings, the movie Jilla, a Pongal release, catered to the needs of every section of the audience.


Mohanlal does the role of Sivan, who is more or less a Dada in Madurai. His accomplice had sacrificed his life for Mohanlal, and in turn, Mohanlal fends for his son, Sakthi. Sakthi is a reckless guy who holds scant regard for police, since his father was shot down by a cop. But at a juncture, Mohanlal, who is now Vijay’s guardian, wants him to become a cop. Of course, Vijay turns into a cop, but not to fulfill the purpose Mohanlal has in his minds. This causes a clash between the godfather Mohanlal and Vijay.

Star Performances:

Mohanlal and Vijay have done their roles to near perfection. It is their combination on screen that mainly works out. The expressions brought forth by Mohanlal, as a ruthless don, creates a sense of awe among the audience. Also, the performance by Vijay is above par. The scene showing him turn from a normal gangster to a police officer wins him an applause in the theater. Kajal Aggarwal does not have much scope for performance in this movie. She appears in a few numbers and is not as glamorous as she was in her previous movies. Other artistes in this movie as Niveda, Poornima, Mahat and Sampath, have done their roles smoothly.


Mohanlal and Vijay have done the father-son duo in the movie. The plot revolves around the attachment both have for each other. Mohanlal makes the majority of screen appearances in the first half of the movie. Then, after the interlude, Vijay makes his screen presence felt. Both being ace actors, they have helped in pushing forward the story in an interesting manner. There is a deeply moving climax in the movie, which makes it a top-notch mass movie. There is a lack of unexpected turn of events in the movie. The story is the same stereotypical movie as every other masala movie. But, it surely meets the demands of a typical Vijay starrer. The movie director seems to have caught up with the formula of combining two mega stars, and has made it work.

What is there?

1. The dialogues are worthwhile, and cause the theater to rock with applause.

2. The Vijay-Mohanlal combination works out on screen very well.

3. The cinematography is excellent, and the fight sequences have been captured scintillatingly.

What is not there?

1. The movie is lengthy and this might cause restlessness in some sections of the audience.

2. There are irrelevant subplots in the movie.

3. There are some twists in the movie that could be easily made out.

4. There is a lack of quality humor in the movie, and it is difficult to make out whether Soori is really there in the movie or not.


A typical mass entertainer to be enjoyed in the weekend.