10 Tamil Movies That Got Bad Reviews

10 Tamil Movies That Got Bad Reviews Tamil Article

1. Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram:-

The film is too mundane, and it got many bad reviews for the storyline. The movie failed to meet the expectations the public had, the script got boring towards the end, and it was not a film worth watching due to its story. The cinema was a flop and had many bad reviews. It got 2.9/10 rating in IMDb.


2. 'Shahjahan': -

The hero of the film is ‘ Vijay As they always say, "it runs in the blood", the sa >> Read More... Vijay ’, who played the role of a lover boy, who falls in love with a girl who shows signs of being in love with him but is actually in a relationship with his friend Raja (‘ Krishna Story coming soon.. >> Read More... Krishna ’) in the movie. The cinema got bad reviews for its story being very common as the usual Vijay films. It was also seemingly confusing to many people due to irrelevant scenes in the movie.


3. Rekka Click to look into! >> Read More... Rekka : -


‘Rekka’ is the story about how Karma haunts you even though you try to escape it. Rathina Shiva is the director of the movie starring Vijay Sethupathi and Lakshmi Menon Films came to Lakshmi Menon at an age when she had >> Read More... Lakshmi Menon . It got a 2.5 star as the review grader. The film lost its fame due to its simplicity and uninteresting content.

4. 'Maruthu': -


A movie set in Madurai with a touch of village love story between and Vishal Reddy Born as Vishal Krisna Reddy, he is called upon as >> Read More... Vishal Reddy . The director was seen shooting films of the same genre by pulling out scenes from different movies. ‘ Muthaiah M. Muthaiah is an Indian film director and screenw >> Read More... Muthaiah ’, the director, had directed three films before Maruthu focusing on rural areas and the actor killing the gangster to save his lover. It got an overall rating of 5.3/10.

5. ' Anegan Click to look into! >> Read More... Anegan ': -


A story that deals with past births and how it relates to your current living if you haven’t achieved your desires. ‘ Dhanush This lanky superstar Dhanush is an actor from Tami >> Read More... Dhanush ’ and ‘ Amyra Dastur’ are the leads of the films; they fall in love in almost three of their past births and get separated due to Karthik Muthuraman Karthik Muthuraman is an Indian politician, film a >> Read More... Karthik Muthuraman in two of the births, and the third is where they be together. It got many Bad reviews for its unrealistic script. The movie had a rating of 5.3/10


6. ' Thirunaal Click to look into! >> Read More... Thirunaal ': -


The cinema was something monotonous, and there was not any new element in it to gain a good review. ‘ Jiiva Born on 4th January 1982 Jiiva is one of the young >> Read More... Jiiva ’ was paired opposite ‘Nayantara’ with whom he is seen acting for the first time. The movie is about an Orphan who is bought up by a village chief. Jiiva (Blade) falls in love with Nayantara (Vidya) who is the daughter of the leader. The story is then about whether he breaks the heart of Vidya or the Chief. It gained a rating of 2.8/5.

7. Kanthaswamy: -

This is a story of an IAS officer who takes up religion as a way to curb criminals and disguises himself as the god ‘Kanthaswamy’. It was a movie that failed to meet the expectations of the people for the hype it had before the release. It got a rating of 5.2/10

8. ‘ Rajapattai Rajapattai is an interview-based tv show to be air >> Read More... Rajapattai ’: -

The story is about Chiyaan Vikram Vikram is from the Tamil family. His father is Chr >> Read More... Chiyaan Vikram who tries to be a villain in films. He gets involved into land grabbing that is headed by a lady politician. He has to save an old man who is forced by his son to sell their property to her. The film got bad reviews because of its uninteresting storyline and the prolonged climax. It was directed by ‘ Suseenthiran Suseenthiran was born in 1978 and his parents name >> Read More... Suseenthiran ’ and got 2/5 stars.

9. Alex Pandian Click to look into! >> Read More... Alex Pandian : -

The movie revolves around how Anushka Shetty Anushka Shetty is the popular South Indian star wh >> Read More... Anushka Shetty , the daughter of CM gets saved by a man from kidnap by a group of people who try to kidnap not just for money but has planned something bad. The film did not impress the public as the story was not new. The climax got predictable with a rating of 5.2/10.

10. ‘ Mugamoodi Click to look into! >> Read More... Mugamoodi ’: -

The movie got bad reviews mainly for its story. Tamil industry does not appreciate superhero films as the English movies are seen being dubbed. The director tried to match it up with Batman to an extent which was not interesting as the story was poor without any content. It had a rating of 5/10 by IMDb.