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'Sampath Raj' was born on 25 December 1968 in Chennai. He adopted film field as his profession for more than a decade by acting in a 2004-released film titled ‘Neranja Manasu’ .Though he played only a small role in the film, he gave it his best and had a series of films to his credits almost every year since then. Though born in Chennai, Sampath is not partial about the languages of the movies he acts in, nor is he bothered with the type of role that he gets to play in the films.

He was featured in more than sixty films till date. His impartiality and his wish to accommodate movies from various states in the country has gained him a lot of reputation in the subcontinent. Though Tamil is his mother tongue, he is fluent in various south Indian languages such as Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu and has acted in movies in all these languages. He is very popular among Telugu audience and has acted in five Telugu movies in a row from the year 2014.

He has acted in nearly fifteen Telugu movies and a few Kannada and Malayalam movies. He plays supporting roles in movies but mainly as a negative character. Sampath Raj is naturally very intimidating in appearance, which gives him an edge over other actors while performing in negative roles.

His performance have gained him several nominations to awards such as the film fare award for his performance as a supporting actor in the 2008 Tamil film named ‘Saroja’, Vijay award for playing a villain role in the same film and also the nomination for SIIMA best supporting actor award for his performance in the Kannada film Brindavana. Sampath Raj is a person who takes up any challenge that comes his way and he doesn’t turn down an opportunity that comes his way.


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