R B Choudary Tamil Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

R B Choudary was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He is professionally a producer and has produced many movies in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. He is the CEO of Super Good Films. He debuted in 1988 when he produced the Malayalam film, ‘Adipapam’. It did not do any good to him but gave him a lot of experience, and he learned many things out of this.

He produced his second one, “Layanam” which released in 1989. The plot is about Nandu, who is running and hides in Silk Smitha Silk Smitha is an unforgettable personality in the >> Read More... Silk Smitha ’s car, half way down he emerges from the seat, but Smitha is not shocked since she knew he was hiding there. Smitha is a loner and is often teased by the neighborhood guys saying that whenever she needs to have sex she can call them. She finds Nandu in the temple and upon asking gets to learn that Nandu is an orphan.

Thus, she brings him home with her as a servant, but Nandu is upset since when he worked at another place, his owner’s daughter tried to have sex with her and when he refused she blamed him for raping her. Abhilasha Smitha’s cousin visits her and stays in her home. She is even aroused seeing Nandu and wants to have sex with him. Seeing her getting close to Nandu upsets Smitha and she shouts at her. Smitha and Nandu by mistake end up seeing each other naked.

Their closeness increases and they start to like each other and end up having sex. They get married since her husband never returned from the war but just after their marriage her husband returns and the story gets complicated. In 2006, Choudary’s Andala Ramudu released which focused on the life of Ramudu, who is in love with her cousin Radha. His mother dies in his early days of childhood, and his father marries another woman. Ramudu fails to take this and runs away.

He is back after twelve years so that he can marry Radha. Meanwhile, he accepts his half brother and learns that Radha loves Raghu, a poor guy who is currently jobless. Ramudu offers Raghu a job but later doesn’t feel any good about it. His brother makes a master plan which leaves Radha no option but to marry Ramudu. She marries him but afterwards comes to know about the setup. She feels disgusted. R B Choudary’s other works include Love Today Click to look into! >> Read More... Love Today , ‘E’, ‘Jill’, ‘Rachcha’, ‘Tirupaachi’, etc.

He is married to ‘Mahjabeen’ and has four children with her.