Top 10 Ilayaraja Songs Which Everybody Must Listen

Top 10 Ilayaraja Songs Which Everybody Must Listen Tamil Article

1. Andha Nilava Thaan: -

A beautiful Romantic song from the movie Mudhal Mariyathai is a tune that is very peaceful to listen to in a worked up state of mind. ‘ Ilayaraja’ and ‘K. S. Chithra’ sang the song in the year 1985, and ‘ Vairamuthu’ wrote the lyrics. The song is still a favorite in everyone’s heart.

2. Kaadhal Oviyam: -

The song features in the movie Alaigal Oivathilai which got released in 1981. The movie was a grand success mainly for its music. Kaadhal Oviyam is a slow tune to listen to and the singers were Ilayaraja and Jency Anthony with Vairamuthu being the Lyricist.

3. Kuyila Pudichu: -

Kuyila Pudichu is a song that features in the movie Chinna Thambi which is appreciation for being placed at the appropriate scene. Its wordings were powerful and carried a thoughtful meaning with a melodious tune. The solo singer ‘ S P Balasubrahmanyam’ got praised for his voice. Ilayaraja composed the music with ‘ Vaali’ being the Lyricist.

4. Nallathoor Veenai: -

Music is an expression of emotion and this song is a classic example of this. It features in the movie ‘ Marupadiyum’ which got shot in 2000, and it was a big hit in the Box Office. The solo singer ‘S. Janaki’ gave in all her emotion and sang it with such a voice. The Lyricist is a popular history figure Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar.

5. Rakkama Kaiya Thattu: -

The song features in the movie ‘Thalapathy’ directed in 1991 and Ilayaraja composed the song S P Balasubrahmanyam sang it with 'Vaali' being the Lyricist. The tune makes everybody tap their feet as it is energetic and puts the listener in a celebration mood.

6. Un Kutthama: -

The music features in the movie ‘ Azhagi’ starring ‘ R Parthiepan’ and Nandita Das and directed in 2002. Ilayaraja composed and also sang the song with Palani Bharathi as the Lyricist. It is a beautiful blend of Romance and suffering. It would soothe your mood when you listen to it. It can to make you feel good.

7. Thenpaandi Cheemayile: -

The song that is inside every Tamilian heart till date for its Lyrics and the in-depth meaning. Ilayaraja is the music director and Kamal Haasan, the singer in the Lyrics of ‘ Pulamaipithan’. It is a beautiful tune from the movie ‘ Nayagan’ that everyone listens and enjoys to for the sort of feeling it brings out.

8. Uchi Vaguntheduthu: -

After a dog, music is a man’s best friend and music like this would support the lines. Ilayaraja is the music director of the song with Pulamaipithan as the Lyricist, and its singer is S P Balasubrahmanyam. Rosapoo Ravikaikari is the movie in which the music features. The film was a grand success in the Box Office.

9. Oru Kaatril: -

The song features in the movie Naan Kadavul directed by ‘ Bala’ in 2009. Ilayaraja is the composer and the Singer of the music, and Vaali is the Lyricist. The meanings, the Lyrics had and the choice of words was unique. It talks about the importance of life and how we must worship it as close to God.

10. Mandram Vandha: -

The song features in the movie Mouna Raagam directed by Mani Ratnam. During the 90’s it’s considered a treat to watch a film in the combination of Ilayaraja, S P Balasubrahmanyam, and Mani Ratnam. The music is surely in every individual’s playlist till date who were fortunate enough to be born around that time. S P Balasubrahmanyam sang it soulfully in the Lyrics of Vaali.