Top Ten Flop Tamil Movies Of 2016

Top Ten Flop Tamil Movies Of 2016 Tamil Article

2016 had been both a bad and good year for the Tamil movie fans. With many movies successfully still running at the box office, there have also been movies that couldn't entertain us well. To know more, check out the list of the top 10 flop Tamil movies of 2016.

1. "Thodari' 


Thodari movie had Dhanush and Keerthy Suresh Keerthy is the daughter of yesteryear actress Mena >> Read More... Keerthy Suresh in the Lead. The story takes place in a Duronto train which is travelling from Delhi to Chennai. The story happens in two nights and a day in the train.

2. ‘ Mapla Singam Click to look into! >> Read More... Mapla Singam


Mapla Singam is a 2016 movie directed by ‘Rajashekar’ and it is produced by P. Madhan. The actors in the lead roles are ‘ Vimal Actor Vimal is one of the many actors who took un- >> Read More... Vimal ’, ‘Anjali ‘and the actor in the supporting role is ‘Soori’. The film got released on 11th March 2016. It is an Indian action romantic comedy. The movie is about two villages that have been in a conflict for years. Two youngsters from the respective places fall in love with each other. And unlike the other movies, in this romantic scene, it's the girl who gets to call the shots. The story is about a politician falling in love with a girl, where both of them are from different castes. The film turns out to be a flop because the jokes that were cracked in the movie did not seem to amuse the audience.

3. ‘ Pokkiri Raja Click to look into! >> Read More... Pokkiri Raja


Pokkiri Raja is a 2016 movie directed by Ramprakash Rayappa Ramprakash Rayappa born on 1st January 1984 in Che >> Read More... Ramprakash Rayappa and it is produced by P.T. Selvakumar. The actors in the leading roles are ‘Jilva’, ‘ Sibiraj When the son gets into his father’s shoes, he’s ta >> Read More... Sibiraj ’ and Hansika Motwani Hansika Motwani is a young and beautiful actress, >> Read More... Hansika Motwani . The film got released on 4th March 2016. The movie is about a young man getting fired from his job due to his problem of yawning. Meanwhile, he gets a gangster arrested through an accident. The gangster then sets out for taking revenge. The film tells us what the power of yawn can be and what it can do. Pokkiri Raja is said to be a frustrating movie in which the director focusses on many other aspects rather than the plot.

4. ‘Sowkarpettai’

Sowkarpettai is a 2016 Tamil movie directed by V.C. Vadivudaiyan and produced by John Max John Max is a producer who belongs to the Kollywoo >> Read More... John Max and ‘Jones’. The actors in the leading roles are ‘ Srikanth Srikanth is an Indian cinema actor. He has mainly >> Read More... Srikanth ’ and Raai Laxmi Raai Laxmi or Lakshmi Rai is a famous South Indian >> Read More... Raai Laxmi . The film got released on March 4th 2016. It is a comedy horror movie which didn't receive positive appreciation from the audience. The story is about a man and woman who fall in love with each other. Later, Gothra Singh and his gang attack them and kill them. They come back as ghosts and take their revenge on the gangsters who killed them. The movie is a mixture of horror, romance, and emotions.

5. ‘ Jil Jung Juk Click to look into! >> Read More... Jil Jung Juk

Jil Jung Juk is a 2016 movie directed by Deeraj Vaidya and produced by Siddharth. The actors in the leading roles are Siddharth Suryanarayan The business management graduate Siddharth has don >> Read More... Siddharth Suryanarayan , Avinash Raghudevan Avinash Raghudevan is an Indian Actor, who has wor >> Read More... Avinash Raghudevan and Sananth Reddy An actor by profession, Sananth Reddy was born on >> Read More... Sananth Reddy . The initial release date of the film was on 25th December 2015 but it got delayed to 12th February 2016. The movie is set out in 2020 where the young men will be given the task of transporting a car coated with cocaine paint by the drug dealer. After a while, they get into a talk with a person with the same car, and they all set out to drinking and having fun. After all that, they take the car and go. Only later they realised that they were so drunk that they had taken the other person's car instead of their own. The film tells us about the problems faced by them.

6. ‘ Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Click to look into! >> Read More... Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam is a 2016 movie directed by Gitanjali Selvaraghavan Gitanjali Selvaraghavan (formerly Gitanjali Raman) >> Read More... Gitanjali Selvaraghavan and Khola Baskar is the producer. The actors in the leading roles were Balakrishna Kola Balakrishna Kola, an upcoming actor associated wit >> Read More... Balakrishna Kola and Wamiqa Gabbi Wamiqa Gabbi is an Indian actress and a dancer. Sh >> Read More... Wamiqa Gabbi . The film got released on January 1st 2016.The movie is about a woman marrying a man for her mother's sake. She dislikes her marriage and finds it difficult to cope with him. But eventually, he gives up many romantic sparks, and she gets attracted to him. As time passes, the hero gets frustrated due to her indifference and ruins it all on their wedding anniversary. So they end up leaving each other and becoming a memory that neither of them can forget.

7. ‘ Nayagi Click to look into! >> Read More... Nayagi

Nayagi is a 2016 movie directed by ‘Govi’ and it is produced by Giridhar Mamidipally Giridhar Mamidipally is a film producer, who mainl >> Read More... Giridhar Mamidipally and Padmaja Mamidipally. The actor in the lead told is Trisha Krishnan Born on 4th May, 1983 in Palakkad by Krishnan and >> Read More... Trisha Krishnan and the actors in the supporting roles were Satyam Rajesh Satyam Rajesh is an acclaimed Telugu comedian and >> Read More... Satyam Rajesh and Sushma Raj Sushma Raj, age 24, is an actress who has worked i >> Read More... Sushma Raj . The film was released on July 15th, 2016 in Tamil and on September 16th, 2016 in Telugu. The movie is about how Satyam, a spoilt brat, who plans on tricking Sushma and taking her to his friend's farm house and then get her to sleep with him. While they were on their way, they get misplaced and end up in a haunted and abandoned place. Trisha, in the movie, is a vengeful spirit who lives in the house and would kill anybody who entered the house. The story tells us how Satyam and Sushma come out alive.

8. ‘ Azhagu Kutti Chellam Click to look into! >> Read More... Azhagu Kutti Chellam

Azhagu Kutti Chellam is a 2016 movie directed by ‘ Charles Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Charles ’ and it is produced by ' Neeya Naana Neeya Naana is a talk show hosted by Gopinath. Thi >> Read More... Neeya Naana ' Anthony. The actors in the leading roles were ‘ Akhil Click to look into! >> Read More... Akhil ’, ‘ Karunas Karunas is a popular comedian, musician, and produ >> Read More... Karunas ’, ‘ Suresh Suresh was born as Seshaiah Suresh Babu. Suresh is >> Read More... Suresh ’ and John Vijay John Vijay was born in 1976. John is a Tamil film >> Read More... John Vijay . The film got released on 1st January 2016. The movie consists of children. It's about how they bring in happiness and other emotions. It circles around the emotions of a baby. It brings in all the topics such as pregnancy, infertility and other things related to them. The movie received only two stars leading it to be a below average movie.

9. ‘ Uchathula Shiva Click to look into! >> Read More... Uchathula Shiva

Uchathula Shiva is a 2016 movie directed by ‘Jaypee’ and Devi Karan Karan is a popular actor in south Indian cinema. H >> Read More... Karan is the producer. The actors in the leading roles are ‘Karan’ and Neha Ratnakaran Neha Ratnakaran is a South Indian actress; she mai >> Read More... Neha Ratnakaran . The film got released on 16th September 2016. The movie circles a happy and lucky taxi driver. He unexpectedly gets entangled in a series of problems when he comes across a girl who is on a constant run for her life. The filmmaker seems to be confused about certain scenes because he wasn't sure whether they were serious ones or comedies, which also leaves the audience in the same state.

10. ‘ Thirunaal Click to look into! >> Read More... Thirunaal

Thirunaal is a 2016 movie directed by P.S. Ramnath and it is produced by M. Senthil Kumar. The actors in the leading roles were ‘ Jiiva Born on 4th January 1982 Jiiva is one of the young >> Read More... Jiiva ’ and ‘Nayantara’, and it got released on 5th August 2016. The rating of the film was only 2.0/5.0. The story revolves around Jiiva who is devoted by a gangster. Jiiva falls in love with Nayanthara who also likes Jiiva. The story tells us about the problems after Jiiva and Nayantara's affair comes to light. The film fails because it was predictable what would happen next and narration of the movie kept it down.