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When the son gets into his father’s shoes, he’s taken to be an adult. And for Sibiraj, the son of industry veteran Sathyaraj, the shoes were huge enough. Following the legacy of his father Sathyaraj, who is known for his powerful performances as he made a turn from being the protagonist to portraying the antagonist, Sibiraj made his debut in movie titled Student No 1 which hit the theaters in 2003.

The movie, though was supposed to mark a warm welcome for then newbie, went cold on the box office. Post a not-so-happening movie debut, Sibiraj did 4 of his next movies under his father Sathyaraj’s severe guidance. Sathyaraj was backing his son all the way in his next four movies- Jore,Mannin Maindhan, Vetrivel Sakthivel and Kovai Brothers. Somewhere, these movies gave Sibiraj the necessary momentum and confidence he was looking for. After Kovai Brothers, Sibiraj showed up in Nenjil Jil Jil for a guest appearance.

This was followed by a movie titled Lee, where Sibiraj played a football player. Following his increasing imprint on the Silver Screen Silver Screen was a Malayalam show that was aired >> Read More... Silver Screen , Sibiraj did movies Naanayam. This would’ve been a regular ride of a ‘starkid’, but Sibiraj had more up under his sleeves.

Just when people where waiting for his next project, Sibiraj declared that he’ll be taking a break from the movies to attend the New York Film Academy. And after four years, with his film Naigaal Jaaikirathai, he did show his growth as an actor. Jakcson Durai, about to release in 2016 will be a horror flick where Sibiraj plays a cop to a haunted village’s rescue, followed by Pokkiri Raja , co-starring Hansika Motwani.