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S Panju

S Panju is the popular film director and he is always referred with his partner “R Krishnan” as Krishnan – Panju. Panju was born on 24th January 1915 in Umayalpuram in Kumbakonam. His birth name was Panchapakesan. Born in a Brahmin community, Panju was against the communal indifference and denied wearing the holy rope, worn by the Brahmins. Krishnan and Panju jointly directed more than fifty films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Before they started working together, Panju worked as an assistant to “Ellis R. Dungan” and PK Raja Sandow. Besides working as an assistant, Panju had worked as an editor for a few films. He was credited as Panjabi while working as the editor . In 1942, Panju and Krishnan worked under Raja Sandow for the movie, Araichi Mani. It was the time, where they came to know that their ideas synch together. On seeing their sincerity and efficiency, Raja Sandow asked them to make a film on their own. He produced the film “Poombavai” and upgraded his assistants to directors. “Paithiyakkaran” is the film directed by the successful duo for the welfare of the drama troupe of “N S Krishnan.” When they started the film, NSK was in the jail for a murder case. Later, he was proved innocent and got released. He joined the film Paithiyakkaran and it was a hit. Krishnan - Panju duo is the main reason to popularize the famous politicians of Tamilnadu. “C N Annadurai,” the former CM made his debut in 1949 as the scriptwriter for Nallathambi, directed by the duo. In 1952, they introduced “M Karunanidhi,” the former CM of Tamilnadu as the dialogue writer. If we take the list of top Tamil films, we couldn’t miss out Parasakthi and Raththa Kanner. Both the films are even spoken today as the best films with the perfect message for the society. In 1960, the Tamilnadu Government honored both the directors with Kalaimamani Award for their services to the film industry. “Annai,” Uyarndha Manidhan, “Kungumam” and Server Sundaram are also the hit films by the duo. Server Sundaram showcased the acting excellence of “Nagesh” and it shattered the belief that Nagesh could do only comedy roles. Their last film Malarum Ninaivugal got released in 1986. Panju died on 6th April 1984 in Chennai due to ill health. After the death of his partner Panju, Krishnan didn’t direct any films and kept away from the film industry. He died in 1997 in Chennai. The duo has a respectable position in the Tamil film industry, even now.

S Panju Tamil Actor