Top 10 Spy Movies Of All Time From Bollywood

Top 10 Spy Movies Of All Time From Bollywood Hindi Article

 Over the years Bollywood has produced a lot of thrilling and exciting movies on the subject of a spy. Indian Cinema has given some brilliant flicks on Spying. Mostly the Raw agents or intelligent agent’s cases are shown in the Indian films. There have been a lot of incidents, where Indian agencies have excelled to the top beating all the odds; these are still the part of various documentaries and Movies.

Compared to Hollywood; Bollywood has not been able to portray the same quality of scripts and plot that should be portray on a spy Character. Even though, starting from 1967 till today, Bollywood had produced some good Spy movies. These movies’ better content, acting skills, plotting, and sequences are so good that encourage the audiences to watch them again and again. By saying that, here we are going to produce you all the list of all time Spy Movies from Bollywood.

1. Jewel Thief Click to look into! >> Read More... Jewel Thief


Produced by, Sachin Dev Burman, S.D. Burman, and Dev Anand Dev Anand would be nostalgically remembered by fil >> Read More... Dev Anand it’s a Spy Thriller movie released in 1967. The main leads of the film are, Ashok Kumar Ashok Kumar hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. >> Read More... Ashok Kumar , Dev Anand, and Vaijantimala. The film’s producer is, Navketan Films. The Film was having a Bond Girls concept, which is having four Girls, Helen, Tanuja, Faryal, and Anju Mahendru Anju Mahendru is an Indian actress, born on Januar >> Read More... Anju Mahendru . Directed by , Story revolves around Dev Anand and his look-alike who impersonate for theft in the city.

Dev Ji plays a role of Police Commissioner Son, who is examining Jewelleries all the time and not focusing on studies. The Con man, his look alike takes advantage of this, and starts stealing the jewellery from all around the city. Because of the similar face, Dev Anand has to bear the brunt all the time, so he decides to expose this Conman and how he does this, it’s all the movie depicts. The movie was Superhit, when it was released.


 2. Farz



Farz is 1967, Spy Thriller movie. It is produced by, Sundarlal Nahata and the Director is Ravikant Nagaich. Jeetendra and Babita are in the lead roles. The music of the film is by legendary Musician Shri Laxmikant Pyarelal. Here Jeetendra plays the role of a Secret Agent named as Agent 116, who is on a mission to find out the murderer of his fellow Agent 303 in the film.

The movie shows a foreign conspiracy against the country, which is dealt by the Actor in the film. The story shows, how a CID Officer Story Soon >> Read More... CID Officer traces all the culprits involved in the case. Babita play a role of a gangster’s daughter, which is revealed later in the movie. Through this revelation Agent 116, traces the main culprit, as Chinese agencies behind the Scene. The movie got huge appreciation, for its brilliant portrayal of Screenplay and Storyline.

3. Ankhen

A Spy Thriller from 1968, Ankhen movie is Produced and Directed by Ramanand Sagar Ramanand Sagar is an Indian filmmaker, director, a >> Read More... Ramanand Sagar . It’s one of the Pioneers in the Genre of the Spy Films. The movie is having the locations from all over the World. Ramanand earlier wanted to cast already established Star, but after the success of Phool Aur Patthar, he decided to go with Dharmendra. The story revolves after the Independence and attacks in the parts of Assam. The perpetrators involving this are from Beirut, causing the damage to the countries’ soul and integrity. Sunil Mehra (Dharmendra) goes to Beirut to handle the group of people, who wants to protect the country from the vigilant. The terrorist outfits get to know about this and abduct him.

How Dharmendra handles the situation and how the racket is busted is what the film depicts. Though it was the second movie of Dharmendra, it was a superhit at that time.

4. International Crook

Released in the year 1974, it’s a Spy-Drama. The main leads of the film are, Dharmendra, Feroz Khan Feroz Khan is a legendary Indian film actor, edito >> Read More... Feroz Khan , and Saira Banu When Saira made her debut in film Junglee, she was >> Read More... Saira Banu . The Production of the movie is from Pachchi Production House and Directed by Pachchi. The music is from Shankar Jaikishan Shankar Jaikishan is a duo musical composer in Bol >> Read More... Shankar Jaikishan . The Story revolves around Feroz Khan and Saira Banu who love each other, but Saira’s Father Didn’t approve their Relationship. Ultimately Saira is married to Dharmendra. Both Dharmendra and Feroz are friends in the movie, so Feroz decides to stay away from them once the marriage happens.

Feroz who plays the role of Police Superintendent gets to know later, that Dharmendra is behind all the smuggling activities in Goa, which is the main Plot. The movie got a good response from the audience for the power packed performances from the Actors and Storyline.

5. 16th December

Released in the year 2002, it’s a Spy-Thriller and Action movie. The film’s Director is, Mani Shankar Mani Shankar, born on 3rd August in 1957 is from G >> Read More... Mani Shankar . The lead role of the movie includes, , Danny Danzongpa, MilindSoman, Sushant Singh Sushant Singh is an Indian film actor and a host o >> Read More... Sushant Singh , and Aditi Govitrikar. The Music is from Karthik Raja The famous south Indian film composer, singer, mus >> Read More... Karthik Raja . The movie depicts the date 16 December, when Pakistan Army Surrendered to Indian Army.

The Story shows some Militant outfit and Pakistan Spy agency, tries to Plot a Nuclear Bomb Explosion, on the revenge of the event. Gulshan Grover plays the role of a Militant in the movie. Danny Danzongpa, who is the head of Indian Security Agency, along with his colleagues xposes it and saves the Country from any Nuclear Bomb Threat. The movie was a hit when it was released.

6. Johny Mera Naam

It’s a Spy-Crime and action movie, from 1970. The Director of the movie is Vijay Anand. The main leads of the film are, Dev Anand, Pran, and Hemamalini. The movies also, got Best Screenplay Award from Filmfare. There is also a remake of this Picture in Kannada with the name, Apoorva Sangama Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Apoorva Sangama . The Story is about two Brothers, Pran and Dev, whose Father is Police Inspector. Some goons kill their Father; this hugely affects the mindsets of the Children’s.

Pran decides to kill the goons; he does so and goes on missing for years. On the other hand, His Brother played by Dev Anand, goes on the Footsteps of His Father and becomes a CID Officer. He takes the identity of a smuggler named Johny and puts himself into the Jail, where through some Goon he finds the People involved in his father’s death. The movie is known for the master acting from Dev Saab. The Movie got Superhit, when it was released.

7. Kahani

From the year 2012, Kahani is a Mystery Thriller movie. The Director and Producer of the movie is, Sujoy Ghosh Sujoy Ghosh born in Kolkata had his schooling at S >> Read More... Sujoy Ghosh . The film depicts Feminism and Motherhood. The movie bagged three National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards and five Filmfare Awards. The main leads of the picture are, Vidya Balan Vidya Balan is an award winning Bollywood actress >> Read More... Vidya Balan , Parambrata Chatterjee Parambrata Chatterjee, born on 27th June 1980, is >> Read More... Parambrata Chatterjee , and Nawazuddin Siddiqui Nawazuddin Siddiqui was born in Budhana in Muzaffa >> Read More... Nawazuddin Siddiqui .

The story revolves around Vidya Balan, who comes from London, to find her missing Husband. Vidya play a role of Pregnant Software Engineer in the film. Vidya is on a mission to take revenge for her Husband and her Unborn Child death. On a Kolkata Poison-Gas tragedy, she lost her Husband and unborn baby, because of involvement of a rogue IB officer. How she takes revenge through various plots and tricks is all, that movie depicts. The movie got an overwhelming response from the Audience and Critics, for its Screenplay and Storyline.

8. D-Day

Released in the year 2013, it’s an action-Thriller movie. The producers of the movie are Emmay Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Dar Production House. The main leads of the film are, Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor is an actor born in the prominent Kap >> Read More... Rishi Kapoor , Irrfan Khan Irrfan Khan is a noted Bollywood actor who started >> Read More... Irrfan Khan , Arjun Rampal Amit Rampal is an Indian Actor, Host, Producer and >> Read More... Arjun Rampal , Shruti Hassan, and Huma Qureshi Huma Qureshi is a model-turned-actress in Bollywoo >> Read More... Huma Qureshi . The Don Character in the movie is by, Rishi Kapoor.

The film story is about; the most sought Don of the world Dawood Ibrahim and his extradition back to India, for his heinous crimes. Here Irrfan Khan plays the role of an Indian Spy and is on a mission to find out maximum information about the Don. Irrfan Khan and his ally try to capture the Don from his son’s Wedding, but the ISI helps the Don to escape away. Ultimately, the Don gets hostage by the agents, and how he gets shot by them is shown in the movie. The film was acclaimed and got excellent response from the audience.

9. Madras Cafe Click to look into! >> Read More... Madras Cafe

Released in the year 2013, it’s a Spy-Thriller movie. The main leads of the film are, Nargis Fakhri Nargis Fakhri is an actress who pivotally works in >> Read More... Nargis Fakhri , John Abraham Like some of our sexy stars, John Abraham has had >> Read More... John Abraham , Rashi Khanna, and Leena Paul. The Director of the film is Shoojit Sircar Shoojit Sircar is an Indian film producer and dire >> Read More... Shoojit Sircar . The producers of this Picture are, Shoojit Sircar, John Abraham, and Ronnie Lahiri Ronnie and film creation. The journey started, aft >> Read More... Ronnie Lahiri . The movie revolves, around the time of the civil war in Sri Lanka. The Raw appoints John Abraham as a secret agent for the covert military operations, which can help to bring peace in the war zone country.

The film got National Film Award for the Best Audiography. The plot of the movie got a good response from the viewers. The LTF, the main accused of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi death, got a lot of oppressing from Indian Army and agencies later on. The Indian secret agents got to know that PM is in danger, they warn him, they reach there to save him, but unfortunately, it was too late. The movie is among one of the best spy movies of all time.

10. Ek Tha Tiger Click to look into! >> Read More... Ek Tha Tiger

It’s an Action-Spy movie, released in the year 2012. The Producer of the film is, Aditya Chopra Aditya Chopra is an Indian film director, scriptwr >> Read More... Aditya Chopra . The movie Director is Kabir Khan Kabir khan is a very much renowned director of Bol >> Read More... Kabir Khan . The main leads of this Picture are, Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan , , and Ranvir Shorey Intro: Ranvir Shorey is a popular Indian movies ac >> Read More... Ranvir Shorey . In this film, Salman Khan is in the role of an Indian RAW agent, who is on a mission to find out the rogue Indian Agent. Katrina Kaif plays the role of an ISI Agent. Salman Khan destroys many rogue agents as well as ISI agents in the mission.

After the return, he gains another assignment to keep an eye on Indian origin Teacher, who is a professor in a Dublin University, on the pretext of sharing info with the ISI. There he meets Katrina Kaif, both falls in love with each other, and after that how story revolves is shown in the movie. The film plot got the good response from the audience.