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Dharam Veer is a fictional Indian period drama series, presented by the Sagar Arts and broadcasted under NDTV Imagine channel. It was broadcasted from January 21, 2008 and continued till December 4, 2008.

Dharam, which was played by Vikrant Massey Vikrant Massey, who is a TV actor, was born in Nag >> Read More... and Veer, played by Rajat Tokas Rajat Tokas is a prominent Indian television actor >> Read More... are the main characters in the story. Dharam was raised to believe in the goodness as expected, by his dharma and as a prince; he wants to accomplish all his duties and obligations to his kingdom and people. Dharam is older than his cousin, Veer, who also became his best companion. He loves and believes in Veer, being the one who always uses his ability and his insight about the Parampara of Aryanagar beyond his feelings on certain situations. Dharam has special feelings with Rajkumari Sia, the princess of Avadhi. Sia has a sharp tongue and she has constant tantrums. Her first few meeting with Dharam made her very angry, but eventually, she falls for Dharam because of Veer’s encouragement when he disguised himself as a fortune-teller. Veer is an interesting man who loves Dharam as well. He believes that Dharam can protect him in all situations. He is visceral, intuitive, with a common wit and agility. He uses these skills in helping Dharam in fulfilling his duties and obligations as a prince. Shera, which was played by Mugdha Chaphekar Mugdha Chaphekar is a television and film actress >> Read More... , is an assailant. She follows whatever her father tells her to do. She robs people to gain much and adds to their treasure. She was asked to kill Dharam with a ransom over her head, so Shera pretends to be Princess Ananya. But her identity was soon revealed, resulting to a breakup with Veer. But at the end, she reunites to help Veer and Dharam in winning the throne.

The story started with the beginning of the Aryanagar kingdom. It is a land that was divided into the Aryavarts or the royalty and the Shramiks or the slaves. The royalty are responsible for governing the state’s affairs, provides and manage all the needs of the slaves. The slaves accomplished all their duties to the state by dedicating their lives and work for the benefit of the kingdom. King Aryavardhan believes that this scheme works agreeably for the good of the kingdom. But he doesn’t know that there is an opposition and dissatisfaction in some of the slaves due to the disgrace and brutality from Jaivardhan, the older brother of the king. Jaivardhan heartlessly whips the old man Soma, because he was unable to do his tasks. Soma risks to voice out his dissent. While the king gave him the will to exile from the kingdom, Jaivardhan kills Soma.

That time, Soma’s wife was giving birth to his son. The slaves believed that Soma’s son is the messiah who will save them from the domination of the Aryavarts and will set them free. The King and his brother were informed about the birth of Soma’s son, which they called as the messiah of the slaves, and the destroyer of the old traditions and the administration of the Aryavarts. Jaivardhan decided to set a fire on the slave colony and kill all the newborns to ensure that the messiah will fail to face the sunrise. However, Pari, Soma’s wife managed to gave birth and escape with Sakshi, her daughter. To ensure that his son will be saved, she puts it in a basket and throws it in the river. Nivriti, the sister of King Aryavarhan and Jaivardhan, finds Soma’s son and adopt the baby and treated him as her own child. She told everyone that it is her own child. The king was very happy and named it as Veer.

Dharam and Veer grow old together, oblivious of the reality that they are each other’s adversaries. Jaivardhan’s son, Agni became the new king of the Aryanagar. He sent Shera to kill Dharam. But Shera failed to do it. Meanwhile, Dharam saw Princess Sia and they fell in love with each other. And later, Shera and Veer became inseparable and Shera changes for her love. But Veer soon finds out that Shera is not a princess with the intention of killing Dharam.

At the end of the story, Veer finally comes to know that he is not an Aryavrath but the messiah of the slaves. He was arrested and put in jail. Dharam was coronated as the king and then releases Veer. He decided to stay with his family. Dharam and Veer became the kings of Aryanagar and finally, they set the shramiks free.

Dharam and Veer decided to kill each other because of some misunderstandings caused by Agni and Jaivardhan. But Dharam and Veer came to know the real plan of Agni and Aryanagar so they reunite and kill the two. Veer came back to the palace and stayed with Dharam.


Harshita Gaur Hindi TV-Actress
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Harshita Gaur
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Garima Ajmani
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