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Miilee was a refreshing and fun-filled daily drama soap that aired on the Indian Entertainment Television. The show marked the comeback of director Raman Kumar Raman Kumar’s talent needs no description as he is >> Read More... who earlier directed the path-breaking serial “ Tara Tara was an Indian soap opera that was aired on Ze >> Read More... ” which changed the face of Indian television. “Miilee” allowed the Indian audiences to breathe in the fresh air from the boring, a monotonous and predictable storyline of the typical “saas-bahu “sagas through a simple, refreshing and fun filled yet strong storyline. 

‘Miilee” was the Indian version of the much popular Argentinian television show “Muneca Brava” that starred famous Latin American actor and fashion designer Natalia Oreiro. “Miilee” aired on Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 900 pm IST. This show launched a fresh face in the form of actor Mona Vasu who sometimes also termed as “Preity Zienta lookalike”. The title song of the serial was sung by singer Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam is a renowned Bollywood singer and comp >> Read More... . Produced by producer Vinta Nanda Vinta Nanda is an Indian producer, director, and w >> Read More... , the show had a runtime of approximately 22 minutes.

The story revolves around an orphan girl “Miilee” who’s been adopted by a rich industrialist family The Rastogis and was brought up in a convent in Shimla till her eighteenth birthday. On her eighteenth birthday, she leaves the convent and comes to live with the Rastogis where she is kept as the constant companion of the old and irritable grandmother of the family played by actor Sushma Seth Sushma Seth is an extremely popular actress who ha >> Read More... who has lived in recluse for many years. Miilee with her charming, intriguing and extremely naïve, sensitive and caring personality adds colours and cheers up the otherwise mundane life of the family members of the Rastogi family. This cheerful ambience in the Rastogi household continues until a shocking truth of the past is revealed which changes Miilee’s life upside down. How Miilee deals with the revelation and how in impacts other family member’s life around her constitutes the rest of the story.

The show was full with power packed performance by the actors like Ajay Gehi Ajay Gehi is an Indian actor. He was born in Mumba >> Read More... , Sushma Seth, Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar is an Indian Bollywood actor who has w >> Read More... and many more… The show ran for a year from 2005- 2006 with around 150 episodes . The show was heavily popular and much liked by the audiences.

Soon, the truth behind Millee’s biological father comes to light. It came to light that the head of the Rastogi family is Millee’s biological father. This revelation impacts on Miilee and forces Miilee to question her identity. This incident leads to new complications in the life of Miilee. The environment of the household, which just began to be vibrant and cheerful, again became dull and quiet. As the story continues, Miilee explores her relationships and the basis of her identity. She deals with the newfound truth of her life. The narrative presents a range of emotions throughout the series. The serial beautifully presents the journey of Miilee by covering her reunion with her past, the dynamics of relationships, and understanding her new identity. She transformed from a carefree, silly girl to a sensible, mature, and emotional young woman. The serial highlighted the introspection and growth of Miilee and presented her character growth throughout her journey. She matures emotionally and mentally and understands the worth of familial relationships through her experiences and complexities. The spirit and determination of Miilee to accept her truth and adapt to reality make her unique. The serial celebrates the essence of family bonds and the journey of self-discovery. The serial was a creation of Diamond Productions, and the directors Sunand Kumar Baranwal Sunand Kumar Baranwal is an independent director i >> Read More... and Raman Kumar brought the story to life. Miilee started telecasting on 4 April 2005. The show ended on 8 June 2006. Miilee can be a source of inspiration for many young girls. It is a good recommendation.


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