Ashok Kumar hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. His mother tongue is Telugu. He has pursued a Law degree and has practiced as a lawyer for some time. 

Ashok Kumar is a Telugu TV and film actor. He has 25 years of acting experience. He has acted in theatre plays since his childhood. Acting is a passion and hobby for him. He has acted in many hit serials on DD. Some of them are- Tenali Rama Krishna Garlapati Tenali Ramakrishna, famously known as `T >> Read More... , Bhojaraja Kathalu Bio coming soon >> Read More... , Bhatti Vikramarka Bhatti Vikramarka is the serial telecast on Doorda >> Read More... etc. Tenali Ramakrishna serial has brought him fame and popularity. His role as Tenali Ramakrishna was well received by the audience. With this serial, he became a television super star over night. He has acted in the serial Sri Bhagavatham directed by the famous director Bapu in the role of Narada. This role was also received well by the audience. He was apt and best suited for both the roles. He is considered as the small screen Narada. He has acted in the serials Vengamamba Click to look into! >> Read More... and Baktha Pothana which were telecasted on SV channel. He has acted in a negative role in Vengamamba serial. He has also acted in many of Jandhyala’s short films which were telecasted on DD.

Ashok Kumar has acted in many films. He shared a good relationship with the famous director Jandhyala and has acted in most of his films. Some of his films include- Chupulu Kalisina Shubhavela, Jayyam Nischayammura, Vivaha Bhojanambu, Aha Naa Pellanta, Pelli Pustakam Bio coming soon >> Read More... , Bejawada etc.

Another Version of This Bio… 

Ashok Kumar has been around mostly in Telugu TV serials and also in supporting or cameo roles in Telugu movies. But his association with TV has been right from the advent of TV in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, almost 25 years ago. While it may have been an opportunity of sorts to be able to make an entry right from the advent of TV programmes, it doesn’t take away in any way Ashok Kumar’s acting skills and the hard work that has gone into his varied roles. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to have sustained his popularity across all ages of TV viewers for almost a quarter of a century. Ashok Kumar’s approach to acting has always been purely as an expression of his passion for theater and acting, with the name and fame as well as the earnings coming his way purely on an incidental basis. This is the reason why, even with his commitments towards his profession as an advocate, he is committed towards his acting career. The high point in Ashok Kumar’s career has obviously been his enacting the role of Tenali Ramakrishna on TV, which overnight made him a household name; lucky as he was to be able to encash on the popularity of that historical figure of Telugu folklore. The other advantage that he had in those days of early television was that he had hardly any competition, compared to the myriads of channels today. Like him or not, his was the only face they could see. Fortunately, it was a face they loved to see on the small screen, day after day. 

From the very beginning, Ashok Kumar has developed himself in the mould of a character actor, with comic nuances into his roles. His plump appearance with a bald pate only accentuates this feeling, and he has no qualms about it. Neither does he want to portray nor does he expect any stereotype hero’s roles. Besides, he has been candid enough to declare his love for TV, where he occupies a long standing prime position, and has no intentions to try his hand in movies in any big way after meeting unsatisfactory results in the various appearances he has made, mostly in bit roles. In all, he has about 24 appearances in films; his best being that in “Vengamamba” although not a commercial success. His last film has been “Bezawada” in 2011.

Bharani Shankar

Bharani Shankar is an Indian actor who has appeared in many Telugu TV serials. He has so far completed his 30th TV series. He has portrayed a variety of roles such as comedy, romantic and even anti-hero roles. The actor is famous for playing several anti-hero roles in TV series. He has also won applause for working in Rajamouli’s magnum opus movie 'Baahubali' and even a Pawan Kaylan starrer movie where he had just two scenes. He appeared in a court scene and a flyover chase scene, but it was a good experience for him. Bharani Shankar started playing a negative character but was also engaged in positive characters. People liked him in all TV serials that he appeared. The actor feels one has to have a get-up in the character which he portrays. He wants to play all kinds of characters in TV series and movies. ‘Punnaga’ is his 30th serial. He got his first break in ETV Channel TV series. Then, he did TV series for Maa, Gemini and ETV channel. After his first debut in a TV series in 2003, he felt his dedication and luck had helped him sketching his filmography in TV screen and helped him to attain satisfaction in acting in the TV shows. As he got busy with movies in 2017, he could not adjust with the dates of TV shooting. When he was shooting for a TV show ‘Kumkuma Rekha’, he got a call from Rajamouli Productions House and was asked to prepare both Tamil and Telugu versions. He is always being noted with the character name he plays whether it is Bharani or Gopala. He feels that there is a difference between cinema and TV acting. While acting for a TV series, he has to be a 'script or screenplay', hero. People identify with the screenplay character that he portrays. He feels more satisfied playing the roles that make him proud. He tells one has to read the script in the morning before going to locales. He has done many lead roles in TV screen which are anti-heroes. In movies, he is likely to experiment all kinds of characters. He needs scripts to study the characters he wants to play. He recalls very often that there is a difference between acting in cinema and TV series. He is associated with Telugu Cricket association and takes a keen interest in sports and soccer activities. If this actor gives a shot with preparation, he feels the director will be able to recognize him and reappoint him in future projects. He often thinks that on locales, attitudes and dedication of an actor counts. He completed primary, secondary education in Vizag, and finished his B.Tech. He has been in the field of entertainment business since 2003, and since his debut, he was lucky to get the various characters. He has acted in four projects of Dasari Narayana Rao whether it is a movie or a TV series. They are ‘Kumkuma Rekha’, ‘Abhishekam’,’ Sivaranjani’, etc. He has also performed in popular TV serials like ‘Seethamahalakshmi’, ‘Tarangalu’, ‘Savithri’ and ‘Mahalakshmi’ that went on air on his favorite Telugu TV Channel. It is a big compliment for him to get associated with Dasari Narayan Rao’s four movies and TV series. One can remember for his role in Dasari’s 2011 film ‘ParamaVeera Chakra’. In personal life, he shares a special bond with his wife and mother. However, he misses everyone due to his hectic schedule. He gets happier when the audience claps for the scene.

Bharani Shankar Telugu Actor