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Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani Hindi TV SERIALS on Dangal TV
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Ishq Ki Dastaan – Naagmani is a supernatural and fantasy romance television series, aired by Dangal TV. It is a love story between two supernatural beings who are fated to be together all their lives – Shankar and Paro, who is a Naagin. They fall victim to the hands of a greedy and evil witch, who tries to separate them and break their fate. The evil witch desperately desires to have a life-giving jewel that is under the possession of Paro, the Naagin, in order for her to gain immortality. This series stars Aleya Ghosh Aleya Ghosh Aka Aleya, often known as Dola, is an >> Read More... , Neha Yadav Neha Yaday is not new to the camera as this 26 yea >> Read More... , Mehul Kajaria Mehul Kajaria is an Indian actor who is best known >> Read More... , Aditya Redij Aditya Redij is a very talented actor from Indian >> Read More... , and more.

The serial started telecasting on 13 June 2022. Ishq Ki Daastaan Naagmani released a total of 438 episodes. On 4 November 2023, the serial aired its last episode. The average running time of each episode is 22 minutes. The serial presents a supernatural love story. It picturized a compelling storyline with lots of adventures. This serial falls under the category of drama and romance. Story Square Production is the production house of the serial. The story revolves around two shape-shifting serpents- Naag and Naagin, who are the guardians of Naagmani. The Naag and Naagin love each other and live together happily. The sole purpose of their existence is to guard the Naagmani. The serial also captures the journey of their love story. The Naagmani is a powerful gemstone. The person who has it can live for eternity. In addition to the blessing of eternal life, the Naagmani also provides many other magical powers to the person who owns it. All these features of Naagmani make it an alluring stone. Thus, the guardians of the Naagmani take all the precautions to protect it. The serial presents an evil witch who gets fascinated by the immense power of Naagmani and desires to have it for her benefit. The greedy witch plots dark plans to eliminate the Naag and Naagmani and get possession of it. It is intriguing for the viewers to explore how the series moves forward.

The mystical and supernatural environment of scenes fascinates viewers towards the serial. The viewers also witness the unbelievable abilities of Naag, Naagin, and the witch. The serpents are determined to save Naagmani from falling into the wrong hands and getting misused. Meanwhile, the witch carefully executes her plan to fulfill her dream of getting eternal powers. Ishq Ki Daastan Naagmani perfectly blends the essence of love, romance, drama, and suspense. The serial presents the sacrifices and struggles of the serpents to protect the Naagmani. They are faithful to their duty and fight courageously.

The storyline captures the eternal combat between darkness and light. Apart from the protagonists, the cast includes many well-known names like Pavitra Punya and Karam Rajpal Karam Rajpal is an Indian Television rising actor >> Read More... . The powerful performances by the actors and actresses make the serial worth watching. This supernatural drama is full of emotions, suspense, and entertainment. If you like the concept of supernatural beings, then Ishq Ki Daastan Naagmani can be a good recommendation.

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