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Bongo is a Hindi serial broadcast on the DD National channel.Human Beings always ponder on life beyond this earth i.e., creatures like them present somewhere else in the Universe. Bongo is one such being. Bongo is a creature from Zapata planet. He has special powers that include vanishing,performing magic, and he is more intelligent than human beings. People of the Zapata planet are much more advanced than people on planet earth i.e.there is no ill, no poor, and all are happy and satisfied living for over twenty thousand years. Zapata planet is ruled by King Tongo, who has a wife Fongo,and a child named Prince Bongo. As Bongo is going to be the king after his father, his father explains to him how he became the king. Tongo has an elder brother named Chango, who was angry that Tongo was declared the king when their father was dying. Their father knew that Chango was arrogant and wanted to make the people of Zapata his servants. Their father sentenced him to death and he died. But his son Arango did not like this injustice with his father and vanished after that.

After 300 years, Arango has warned Tongo that he would make Zapata his own and capture his kingdom.Tongo knows now that Arango is on planet earth. Tongo wants his son Bongo to go to on planet earth and capture him. On the planet earth, there lives aboy named Sunny, who researches about aliens all day as he is obsessed with aliens. He has a sister named Shivani.Bongo arrives on the planet earth on his spaceship for his mission. Sunny has a best friend named Shakti with whom he plays Cricket. Sunny lives with his grandmother, sister, and his father. The dogs can see Bongo and they bark at him, but Bongo uses his magical powers to hypnotize them, and Bongo can also vanish from anywhere, which confuses the humans looking at his peculiar appearance. Meanwhile, back in Bongo’s palace, a girl is stalking his palace in chances of meeting him. Bongo takes a human form of a guy named Heera who is a wanted criminal to avoid all the suspicious looks from human beings.

Bongo then starts researching and exploring all the new things he encounters on planet earth. He rents a hotel and tells the hotel manager to not disturb him. But the manager tells the real Heera’s gang about his whereabouts and the hotel bell boy tells the police about Heera’s whereabouts to earn the price on his capture. Bongo talks with his father on television. The police capture Heera aka Bongo but Bongo senses someone of his kind his human form starts wavering. He knows that Aaryan is the Arango. Aaryan vanishes after seeing Heera i.e. Bongo. Aaryan has friends,who think he is the real Aaryan. Would Bongo be able to capture the fake Aaryan? 

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Abbas Khan Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 6 January 1981
Abbas Khan
Jesse Randhawa Hindi Movie Actress
DOB: 11 August 1975
Jesse Randhawa
Yatin Mehta Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 12 April 1995
Yatin Mehta