Owen Wilson English Actor

Owen Wilson was born in Dallas, Texas on November 18th, 1968. His mother, Laura was a photographer and his father, Robert, was an advertising executive and also the operator of a public TV station. He has two other brothers, Luke and Andrew Wilson. Luke has starred in several films and is part of the Frat Pack along with Owen. Andrew is also an actor but has acted in much lesser known roles. For schooling, Wilson attended New Mexico Military Institute and also University of Texas at Austin where he wanted to achieve a Bachelor’s of Arts in English. Wilson made his film debut in Bottle Rocket and then immediately after co-wrote the scripts for Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums with Wes Anderson Wes Anderson (Wesley Wales Anderson) is an America >> Read More... Wes Anderson . Owen received an award for his writing in the Royal Tenenbaums. Next Wilson starred in the Cable Guy directed by future Frat Pack friend, Ben Stiller Ben Stiller is one of the most renowned comedians >> Read More... Ben Stiller . After playing minor parts for a while he starred in two dramas, Permanent Night and The Minus Man. Owen’s big break came in the form of being cast in the movie Shanghai Noon alongside Jackie Chan. He then would go on to star in the famous film, Zoolander alongside Ben Stiller and . In 2004 Owen and his brother Luke played the Wright brothers in Around the World in 80 Days starring Jackie Chan. Again in 2005 the Wilson brothers worked together in the Wendall Baker Story. Overall Owen Wilson has appeared in 11 films with Ben Stiller; The Night Story coming soon... >> Read More... The Night at the Museum series, Meet the Fockers, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Cable Guy, Permanent Midnight and Meet the Parents. Owen will be starring in the 2015 film, No Escape which will mark his first action movie role since Behind Enemy Lines in 2001.