Sigourney Weaver, Hollywood Film, and Television Actress is the daughter of former NBC president. Her initial name was Alexandra Susan but at the age of fourteen years after watching the movie, The Great Gatsby, she found this name ‘Sigourney Weaver’ and made this her name. Appeared in various films and serials, Sigourney made her name from the movie ‘ Alien’ which is considered as her trademark movie. All her name and fame she had received started from this movie only. Personal Life: Born in 1949 to an English family, Sigourney is the daughter of Elizabeth Inglis and Sylvester Weaver. Her mother is an actress, and her father is former NBC President. Weaver was born in a family of entertainment but her initial days weren’t that good. She had an affinity towards acting and about her personality but never got praised by her parents. She said "I thought, well, if my mother doesn't think I'm pretty ... no one else will."

Sigourney did her schooling from a private high school in Connecticut and her graduation from Stanford University, California. She did Bachelor’s of Arts in literature and after that, she attended Yale Drama School. After completing her graduation, she realized her talent and decided her career in acting. Career: Sigourney’s acting career started with serials and small roles. She also appeared in Somerset and also in Annie Hall. Her acting career started from 1975. Her first breakthrough was in 1979 in the movie, Alien, which came out to be a blockbuster. After this famous movie she received fame and people got to know about her and her talent. She got roles in various other movies. She was also in Ghost Busters, a classic comedy, released in 1984.

She was in all the sequels of her major film, and Alien named as Aliens (1986), Aliens 3(1992) and Alien Ressurection (1992). She did various other movies after that. In 2004, she did The Village and in 2006, she was seen in Snow Cake and The TV Set. She was also in the famous James Cameron’s Avatar, which was well appreciated by the audience. Not only acting, but Weaver did theater too and gave a various theatrical performance.

Cornelia Principe English Actress

Cornelia Principe

Early life Cornelia Principe was born in Canada. She finishedher education at York University and Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario. Career in Film Industry Cornelia began her career as a broadcaster and, later on, bloomed to occupy the role of independent director and producer, leaving a milestone for the many aspiring women in the field of entertainment and media. With a career covering 20 years, she has brought critical acclaim and earned an eternal place in the Canadian Film Industry. During 1993-97, she worked as the Assistant Producer of social-political documentary strands The View From Here and Human Edge for TVOntario. She had the opportunity of working with many distinguished professionals during the early phase of her career, which eventually paved the way for the unmistakable essence of originality in her work. She had worked with Producer cum Director Sun-Kyung Yi as co-producer for his film Divorce What I See, which premiered at Hot Docs 2001, and also worked on critically acclaimed documentaries namely: A Child's Century of War, which got shortlisted for the Oscars and Legacy of Terror with Emmy award-winning Producer cum Director Shelley Saywell. Cornelia worked along with producer Andrea Nemtinin co-production with the NFB on the documentaryPoverty, Chastity, Obedience, where she donned the role of the director as well as the co-producer. She was also a part of PTV Productions, where she was producer to the series Resolutions for Discovery Health and The Life Channel. The 23rd Gemini award-winning best documentary series Diamond Road was co-produced by Cornelia for TVOntario, History Television, Discovery Times and Arte/ZDF. She also worked alongside director Matt Gallagher, her husband, as the writer for his documentary “Grinders”, which was screened at Hot Docs 2011 festival. The work which brought Cornelia critical acclaim and success was the feature documentary The World Before Her directed by filmmaker NishaPahuja, where she worked as a producer alongsideEd Barreveld in collaboration with Storyline Entertainment for ZDF/Arte. This documentary was a critical success and was well received by critics winning 20 awards including the best documentary at Tribeca, Hot Docs and Michael Moore's festival in Traverse City. It was also voted as one of the top ten documentaries of Canada by the Toronto International Film Festival 2012 and was nominated for Best Theatrical Documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards. In 2014, the documentary won the nomination for an Emmy Award and was part of the Sundance Film Forward Program. She founded Border City Pictures along with Matt Gallagher and produced numerous award-winning documentaries such as her directorial success The Motherload, which brought her to stardom and earned her numerous awards at International Film/TV Festiva in Chicago and the Worldfest Houston Festival. She had also donned the role of a professor at Centennial College, where she taught a course on documentary production. She is now working alongside her husband on the documentary How To Prepare For Prison for TVO and a short documentary for BravoFactual titled Tilting At Windmills. Personal Life Cornelia and Matt Gallagher married on March 15, 2010. Matt Gallagher is an award-winning filmmaker, having produced many critically acclaimed documentaries earning three Gemini nominations for his documentaries, a Chalmers Award and the Best of the Festival at the Yorkton Film Festival.Cornelia previously had three miscarriages before her daughter Audrey was born, when she was over 40 years old. She now resides in Toronto with her husband and six-year-old daughter Audrey.


Carlucci Weyant

Carlucci Weyant was born on October 4, 1983. Not long after touching base in Los Angeles, Weyant got parts in various low-spending plan autonomous elements including Stray coordinated by Johnny Yong Bosch, and The Memory Thief. He then showed up as Thad Warner in The Young and the Restless. Since that time, Weyant has worked relentlessly in Hollywood, showing up in eleven movies and day time TV Young and the anxious. In 2008, Weyant made his introduction as the male lead in the film Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation, which appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2008. In 2009, Weyant went ahead to depict the part of Randy Dedd in the Dark parody Dedd Brothers coordinated and composed by Dustin Schuetter. Weyant and Schuetter would later go on and accomplice up on different elements. Weyant then created the family motion picture Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale close by John Dunson and Sean Dunson of Frame of Mind Entertainment. Elle won a crowd of people honor at the 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival. Amid the end of 2009, Weyant shaped Split | Vision| Entertainment for the generation of full-length highlight movies. In 2010, Weyant cooperated with Dustin Schuetter to co-create, official deliver, create and follow up on the recompense winning dim film Samuel Bleak, which featured Deborah Kara Unger, David Zayas, James Russo, Keith David and co-maker Dustin Schuetter. Samuel Bleak debuted at Cinequest Film Festival in the noteworthy California Theater on March 5, 2011, appeared at the Sarasota Film Festival and contended at the First Santa Catalina Film Festival in Catalina, CA. Samuel Bleak has likewise been named for the 2011 which is supported by the U.S. Division of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and Center for Mental Health Services. The Voice Awards honor pioneers who have done praiseworthy work advancing the social consideration of people with behavioral wellbeing issues. Weyant is presently delivering Jake Stevens: The Last Protector with Dunson Twin Films for a showy discharge late 2014. As per a meeting by Movie Vine, Weyant joined rock aggregate Dead by Choice and is as of now taking a shot at an untitled E.P. Weyant featured in the component film Ashes of Eden in which is set to turn out in theaters mid-2014.

Carlucci Weyant English Actor