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Producer (0 - 12)


If No Producer, No Movie Why?

A film producer is of great significance, responsible for guiding the entire production team. They also create a working environment where the skills of the cast and crew can proliferate. A film producer has to juggle around with an array of roles and responsibilities that needs to plan, manage and coordinate several departments of the production house. Not only this, but they make sure the movie is produced on time and within the budget, supervise the making of the project, etc. To be able to give their 100% and make sure that each part is working efficiently the main producer appoints people to work under him.

These people may be an executive producer, line producer, consulting producer; etc. who have different tasks but represent the main producer in his/her absence. Film producers have to step into various shoes from the beginning to the end of the project. During all the four stages of production, a producer needs to ensure that everything is moving smoothly. An ideal producer is one who has the expertise and vision to predict, analyze and direct the team throughout the journey. The work of a producer is endless and extremely strenuous; however, the combine efforts of the team results in a super hit film”. "