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Carter Benedict Burwell is a famous American composer. He was born in the city of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York to Natalie and Charles Burwell. Natalie was a maths teacher, and his father Charles was the founder of Thaibok Fabrics, Ltd. Burwell married Christine Sciulli, a New York-based artist, in 1999. He studied at King School, Stamford in Connecticut, and he graduated from Harvard College. At Harvard, he learned animation with George Griffin and Mary Beams, electronic music in the company of Ivan Tcherepnin, and also pursued an independent study (course) at the MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology media lab. MIT media lab was then identified as Architecture Machine Group. During his stay at Harvard, his was also a cartoonist for the publication The Harvard Lampoon. After his graduation at Harvard, he started working at the Harvard Electronic Music Studio as a teaching assistant. Afterward, he became the Director of Digital Sound Research at New York Institute of Technology. Carter has an impressive resume including works for some famous Hollywood movies. He wrote his first film score in 1984 for “Blood Simple.” Blood simple was directed by the Coen Brothers (Ethan and Joel Coen),

Carter was the music director of that film. In the same year, he also was a Computer Graphics Artist for Lensman. That was just the beginning. After this, Carter wrote scores for many films including A Hero of Our Time- by Michael Almereyda (1985), Psycho III- psychological horror film (1986), Raising Arizona- black comedy (1987), Pass the Ammo- screenplay by Coen Brothers (1988), It Takes Two (1988), The Beat- by Paul Mones (1988), Checking Out- American comedy (1989), Miller’s Crossing- comedy/gangster film (1990), Scorchers- ensemble drama (1991), Barton Fink- drama/thriller (1991), Waterland- Indie drama (1992), Storyville- by Mark Frost (1992), Kalifornia- crime thriller (1993), Airheads- teen comedy (1994), It Could Happen to You- romantic comedy (1994), Bad Company Bad company was a talk show that used to come on Z >> Read More... Bad Company - American Western movie (1995), Two Bits (1995), Fargo- crime/drama (1996), (1997), The Spanish Prisoner- mystery crime film (2007), Velvet Goldmine- Indie drama (1998), Three Kings (1999), and The Corruptor- by James Foley James Foley is an English director. He was born on >> Read More... James Foley (1999).

He says that he received his first composition Blood Simple by an accident. He never intended to be either a professional musician or a film composer. His works in the 2000s for film scores were for Hamlet- modern version of Shakespeare’s play (2000), The Man Who Wasn’t There- crime drama (2001), The Rookie- sports drama (2002), Searching for Paradise- Indie film (2002), Adaptation- crime film (2002), Intolerable Cruelty- romance drama by Coen brothers (2003), The Alamo- action drama by John Lee Hancock John Lee Hancock, Jr. is an American writer, direc >> Read More... John Lee Hancock (2004), Kinsey- Alfred Kinsey’s biography (2004), The Ladykillers- comedy thriller movie (2004), Serenity- thriller movie of crew of the ship “Serenity" (2005), and much more. Carter’s recent works are for the films ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’, ‘In Bruges’, ‘Twilight’, ‘The Blind Side,’‘Midnight Run,’‘Seven Psychopaths,’ ‘The Fifth Estate,’ ‘Mr. Homes,’ ‘Carol,’‘Legend,’ ‘Anomalisa,’ ‘The Founder’, and ‘Hail, Caesar!’. Carter has also composed scored for some Television series like ‘Framed’, ‘Clash!’, ‘And the Band Played On’, ‘Mildred Pierce’, ‘Englightened’, and ‘Olive Kitteridge.’He also composed the music for a dance piece in 1986. This music, RAB, was then premiered at Avignon Festival. Carter has also performed with several bands like Thick Pigeon, Radiante, and The Same. The Celestial Alphabet Event, his chamber opera, was staged in 1991 in New York.

His other theater works include Lucia’s Chapters and Mother. He then composed music for plays Hope Leaves the Theatre, Sawbones, and Anomalisa. Carter Burwell has composed scores for almost all the films of Coen Brothers (Ethan and Joel) except “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and the 2013 released “ Inside Llewyn Davis Click to look into! >> Read More... Inside Llewyn Davis .” Carter has scored for three films of Todd Haynes. Carter was the member of Harmonic Chair from 1986 to 1995. He was awarded for Best Music for the films Carol and Anomalisa by Los Angeles (L.A) Film Critics Association. Carter also received Academy Award for Carol movie for Best Original Score.