Rebecca Alie Romijn

Other names of Rebecca Alie Romijn: Rebecca Romijn
Rebecca Alie Romijn English Actress

Rebecca Alie Romijn was born on the 6th of November in the year 1972. She was born in Berkeley, California, United States. She is an American by birth. She was initially a fashion model, and now she is a professional actress. Her most notable role as an actress was in the X-Men Film Series Trilogy where she appeared as Mystique, a mutant who could take the form of any person in the world that she wanted to be. Even in the film ‘The Punisher’ in the year 2004, she played an important part and her acting got praised. The name of her role in the film was Joan. Both these movies were derived from the famous collection of comic books by Marvel.

She also featured in the popular TV show ‘ Ugly Betty Ugly Betty was an English comedy-drama series, tha >> Read More... Ugly Betty ’. Presently she is a part of the show ‘The Librarians’. Rebecca’s mother -Elizabeth Romijn is an English language instructor at a Community College. She is also the author of some textbooks. Her father - Jaap Romijn, has a furniture-making business. Her father originally comes from Barneveld in Netherlands. Her mother is an American by birth though she comes from an American and a Dutch ancestry.

Ellen DeGeneres Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American comedienne. She >> Read More... Ellen DeGeneres once asked Rebecca on her show that how does she remain so beautiful and charming. Rebecca replied by saying that during her childhood she was a big drama lover and she used to suffer from scoliosis which used to give her a lot of pain. She was five feet and eleven inches tall with beautiful long blonde hair. While studying at the University of California about Music, she became interested in fashion designing and modeling. So she moved to Paris to pursue her interest and stayed there for two years. She dated the actor ‘J. Stamos’. They started dating each other in 1994 after they met in Victoria’s Fashion Show where Rebecca was a part of the modeling crew. .

Rebecca Alie Romijn got married to John Stamos John Stamos is a famous American actor and a great >> Read More... John Stamos in the year 1998 and divorced in 2005. She then dated and married Jerry O’Connell in the year 2007 and is still with him. She has done numerous films throughout her career, but she has also sung a few songs. She did the cover song for the legendary Prince’s album ‘Electro Goth Tribute to Prince’. She sung the song Darling Nikki. RuPaul’s song ‘Color Me Love’ also starred Rebecca as one of its singers. She has done films like Dirty Work, Austin Powers, X-Men, X-2, The Punisher, Simeone, and many more