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Ugly Betty was an English comedy-drama series, that was originally broadcasted on ABC in the United States between 2006 to 2010. The series was developed by Silvio Horta. It was inspired by a Colombian television series ,by the name ‘Yo Soy Betty, La Fea.’ which was also adapted in India by the name .’ ‘JassiJaissi Koi Nahin’. The show starred America Ferrera  Ferrera is a well-known American Actress. She fea >> Read More... and Eric Mabius for the lead roles. The show revolved around the life of Betty Suarez, played by America Ferrera. She lived in the New York City borough of Queens and was known for her lack of fashion sense – quirky clothes and adult braces were all to define her. Her life changed dramatically when she got a job at a fashion magazine Mode ,which was a prestigious-fashion magazine based in Manhattan.

The magazine was owned by Bradford Meade, who had put his son Daniel ,in charge of the magazine. Daniel was known to be a womanizer. (same meaning as womanizer) Fearing this, Bradford had put Betty as a personal assistant of Daniel , in a hope that he doesn’t sleep with her. Betty was dumbstruck ,being suddenly thrusted into a completely unknown world. However, Betty did not let this affect her and carried on as usual. The first season established the characters and a plot for the rest of the series. Betty felt uneasy being in a fashion world among the fair-skinned and the perfect models.

However, she found her footing and established relationships at her workplace. She faced flak from her peers, but also made some new and loyal friends – Christina and Henry. She was also surprised to find support from her family. The second season featured both Daniel and Betty with new storylines. Daniel was seen locked up in a power struggle for the magazine against Alex after their father’s death. Betty had a boyfriend , Henry but got attracted to Gio. This season s featured a love triangle between the three. Betty’s friends Christina and Henry , were seen facing troubles in their personal and professional life.

In the third season, Betty was seen enrolling in an editor program ,where she found a competitor in Marc. She got into a relationship with Matt while Daniel was seen being involved with Molly. In the last season, Betty found herself as the editor of Mode. However, her boyfriend Matt had been named her boss which had put a strain on her professional as well as personal relationship with Matt. Marc was also seen angry , being passed over for the job, which added to Betty’s list of enemies. The series got ended as Betty took a better job in London, while Daniel left Mode.


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