Nikkitasha Marwaha is a model and actor. She hails from the State of Virginia. She is Indian by birth. She was the contentment of Dance India Dance season two. She appears in the Indan TV series 24 for the channel Colors in the role of assassin Mehr. She is the actor played in the movie 9 Eleven in the year 2011. She is the winner of Miss India Worldwide in the year 2009. Her film in which she appeared in 2011 is a thriller one.

Director is Manan Singh Katohora. The cast is Devasish Ray, TejashNatali, ChinmayDhamne, Jyoti Singh, RoniMazumdar, Vicki Young, Sunny Chatruth, HomiIrani, TanujMathur, Samir Stewart, Paul Singh, NikkitashaMarwaha. Music Direction has done by JatinPandit. Singing has done by none other than KailashKher. This project had signed under the banner of Amar Durga Films, JMD Creations. Sanjay Chel wrote the lyrics for it.

JigmeTenjing did the cinematography for this project of Katohora. 9 Eleven is the first feature film from the Bollywood shot in Washington DC. This film has a lot of thrills, suspense, and action. It had released in June 2011. Actor and dancer Kashmira Shah did the item song for the film in India, which will depict as a revival of Kamasutra system. It is like reviving the cultural past. Set has designed to depict the likes of Khajurao type caves depicting the Indian heritage of the Kamasutra, which has looked upon by the western world as most beautiful and cryptic.

NavneetaKhemka did the costume designing. Nikkitasha did the English movie in the year 2017. Movie name is Yadvi-The Dignified Princess. The genre of it is drama and thriller. Jyoti Singh did the direction of this venture. The screenplay is the part of expertise of Gauri Singh. It is in the English Language. Casts are Jyoti Singh, Chandrachur Singh, VibhuRaghave, Marianne Borgo, Siraj Huda, YadviHanda, KuvamHanda, Adi Singh Jalalpur, Rahul Godara, and ReshmaD'souza.

In this Borgo played the role of Governess, Siraj as KaroraSahab, Reshma played Nurse Role, Yadvi as Yadvi, Kuvam as Kuvam, Adi as Prince Yadvinder 1, and Rahul as YadavGovind Singh. Yadvi is the story of the 20th century of Patiala Princess, who maintains her dignity and pride. Another one like Chndrachur did the role of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.