Born to and Vic Morrow Vic MorrowVic Morrow (Victor "Vic" Morrow) was a d >> Read More... Vic Morrow , Jennifer Jason Leigh, virtually has Hollywood running in her blood. ‘Vic Morrow’ was an American actor and Director and ‘Barbara Turner’, an American Screenwriter and an actress. This talent in her genes was meant to emanate great acting skills in Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jennifer was born on 5 February 1962, and her life was styled Hollywood way from her childhood days. She never felt like having another option other than getting herself into the movies. Acting came as an obvious choice says the actor who started her first venture when she was just a teenager. After having enough experience in her teenage (fourteen), Jennifer was cast in Disney’s Television movie project “Wonderful World of Colors: The Runaway Project” in 1978. Her acting was so good that it attracted a lot of attention in the Hollywood film fraternity. She was barely 16 and the offers had already started lining up for her. She began acting in many television series that she could not graduate formally. She then chose her destiny of devoting herself to Hollywood and she never looked back.

She got recognized with the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982) which made her famous and gained the fame and success at that time. Best Little Girl in the World, which also released in the same year 1982, was one of her favorite movies. Her acting had just kick-started, and she was undoubtedly one of the noticed actors in Hollywood. After taking a break of seven years, she appeared in a role of a conniving prostitute in the movie Last Exit to Brooklyn. She was on a playing-prostitute hangover because she handpicked roles that way. She either played a prostitute or with a nuance of a prostitute. She says that she likes playing such challenging subjects and that these roles don’t bore her. She says the roles she plays in the movies and her real life has a lot of gap between them, and to be able to portray it on screen is her intrigue and pleasure as an actor. In Miami Blues, Jennifer is again seen as a sex worker in Short Cuts movie in 1993 and also in The Machinist in 2004 she played almost the same role as a prostitute. She recalls that her agent constantly kept telling her to not take up the same roles repeatedly, but that did not stop Jennifer to do so. She found each character very intriguing, and she also gained popularity and was appreciated for her bold choices and her incredible acting skills. She has proved her incredible acting abilities from time to time.

Jennifer played a roommate to ‘Bridget Fonda’ in a thriller named “Single White Female” in 1992 which was a true example of her well understanding of a role. She played the role of an insane psycho roommate, and it made heads turn in Hollywood. Her character of a disturbed character was just one of her many strange jobs she did as an actor. Jennifer in her career is known for such roles, and people can never forget her role in 1981 TV movie as an anorexic girl. The Best Little Girl in the World is another instance which showcased her commitment to cinema. She had lost a lot of flesh for this flick, as much as 86 pounds. Her movie Georgia where she plays the role of a troubled addict-like was appreciated too. It is believed to be based on her sister’s life and was written by her mother for which Jennifer had lost weight again.

Jennifer is known for her perfectionist approach toward her role. She is also known to undergo a lot of research for her characters even if it is a small detail. She is hell bent on giving her hundred percent. She spends months together to get accustomed to a character and perhaps this is one of her attributes which get her huge accolades as an actor. The irony is that Jennifer is nothing like the dysfunctional junkie as she plays them in real life. She flushes away all the rumors of her leading such a life. She believes in living in the moment and not planning much ahead. She always claims to have a month’s plan and not beyond that. In her interviews, she dismisses rumors that she is very similar to the disturbing roles she plays. She says she is a typical girl who likes to date and has been doing so. In her real life, Jennifer has suffered enough. She lost her father Vic Morrow in an accident while shooting for a film and her married life wasn’t all that colorful either. She got married to ‘ Noah Baumbach Born in the year 1969, Noah Baumbach is the son of >> Read More... Noah Baumbach ’ in 2005. The couple is divorced at the moment, and they have a son named Rohmer. Jennifer has acted in the movie “Margot at the Wedding”, which was directed by her then Husband.

She likes it old school when it comes to preparing for a role. She is known to bring that ‘artistic’ feature to the film that she is in. She is also known to have missed great roles which include '' role in Pretty Woman in 1990. This is not all; she has more than ten movie characters she refused to take up. Some of them include ' Jodie Foster An Academy Award winner; a very talented and lovel >> Read More... Jodie Foster ' role in Taxi Driver, ' Demi Moore From utmost paid actress to social rights activist >> Read More... Demi Moore ' role in Ghost, ' Julianne Moore She demonstrated wide range of ability to portray >> Read More... Julianne Moore ' role in Boogie Nights, and '' in The Beautiful Mind.

Jennifer, however, has successfully worked with some big Directors in Hollywood and has pride in it. She has worked with ‘Robert Altman’, ‘Baldwin Brothers’, ‘Charlie Kaufman’, and ‘ Quentin Tarantino There are people who follow the created path and g >> Read More... Quentin Tarantino ’. She does confess in many of her interviews that she regrets not having taken up on many projects. She says it was a mistake, and she should have taken them up. After taking a sabbatical, Jennifer was almost gone from the Hollywood scene, and it seemed, even for her that her career was done. She even tried to convince herself saying “This is the end of it.” But Hollywood was calling her for the second innings.

Jennifer, who is over forty, was offered a lead role in stop-motion comedy cum drama picture called “ Anomalisa Click to look into! >> Read More... Anomalisa ” which released in 2015 changed her career again. Anomalisa, which was a play, basically, and it, was turned into a movie by the same Director Charlie Kaufman. This movie was more like a comeback for Jennifer, who was nominated for several awards and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Festival. This movie which took almost three years to complete was also nominated for Best Animated Feature at both Academy and Golden Globe Awards.

It was the infamous Academy Nominated movie “ The Hateful Eight Click to look into! >> Read More... The Hateful Eight ” which released in 2015 showered positive critical acclaims both for the movie as well as for Jennifer. Jennifer became a star on the red carpet and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for her role Daisy in the film along with ‘ Rooney Mara Her full name is Patricia Rooney Mara. She was bor >> Read More... Rooney Mara ’, and ‘ Alicia Vikander A girl mostly raised by a single mother Maria Fahl >> Read More... Alicia Vikander ’ in the same category. On being asked about the whole experience, Jennifer just says it was all very surreal for her. She admits to having no hope of getting back to facing the camera, and it was then that, Quentin Tarantino phoned her for a role. She has immense praise for Tarantino and her co-star ‘ Kurt Russell One of the legendary action stars of Hollywood; kn >> Read More... Kurt Russell ’. This movie has Daisy, a prisoner taken in by the bounty hunter aka Russell in chains to bring justice. The movie is set during Civil War times, and the performances by each actor in the movie are commendable. Although Jennifer’s acting skills are undeniably great, this movie is a testimony in her career for being a thorough and hard working actor she is. This cinema raised eyebrows for its violence and blood, however, but that was well justified by all the characters. Jennifer is looking forward to working in creative and challenging upcoming projects like Morgan and Amityville in the coming days. She is one actor in Hollywood who is been given rather a quirky nickname as the '' of Bimbos for her many renditions of prostitutes in her movies. She is highly respected by the Hollywood guild, and big Hollywood actors have great things to say about her. She lives a simple and non-extravagant life, unlike other Hollywood celebrities.

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Born in Hollywood, California, Jennifer Jason Leigh is an American actress, writer, producer, and director. At the tender age of two, her parents got a divorce and further down the road, she changed her surname, taking the middle name “Jason” in respect of actor, Jason Robards Jason Robards was an American actor on television. >> Read More... Jason Robards , who was a family friend. Her professional career in the field of acting initiated with her playing the role of a teenager in several television projects (the 1970s). She stepped into the film industry with her role as Stacy Hamilton in the movie, “Fast Time at Ridgemont High”, which was in the year 1982. Then, she perpetuated to act in such projects even after the termination of her teenage years, appearing in movies like, “Miami Blues” and “Last Exit to Brooklyn”.

Additionally, she starred in “Backdraft” by Ron Howard, and “Single White Female”, which was a drama suspenseful story. She has even received the title of “Meryl Streep of Bimbos” by the magazine, Entertainment Weekly. For her role in “Single White Female”, Jennifer received an MTV Award for Best Villain. This celebrity has also appeared in one of Stephen King’s novel adaptations, “Dolores Claiborne” as Kathy Bates Kathy Bates is a prominent American actress and fi >> Read More... Kathy Bates , a woman who is distressed and pops pills like popping candy. Another one of her successfully remembered roles is in the movie “Georgia,” where she becomes an angry, drug-abusing rock-star, a role for which she has to do some method acting by losing as much as ninety pounds and sing all the songs live.

Fortunately, she won several awards for this movie, including, “New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress”. Her first leading role was in the movie, “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle” as Dorothy Parker, for which she got nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. Some of the other film projects which star her are, “The Love Letter”, “Washington Square”, “Road to Perdition”, “The Machinist”, “The Jacket”, “Synecdoche, New York”, “The Hateful Eight” (Quentin Tarantino) and much more. Some of the television shows she had done namely, “Revenge” (ABC series), and “Weeds” (Showtime TV series). Leigh was chosen for Drama Desk Award for her Off-Broadway enactment as Beverly Moss in “Abigail’s Party”.

Her personal life is quite tragic, to be honest, considering the fact that her father was killed during the filming of “Twilight Zone: The Movie.” Further, she wedded Noah Baumbach, an independent film director, and had a son together, the only sad news being that they got divorced in the year 2013.