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The Hateful Eight Trailers,Teasers, Videos & Songs

The Hateful Eight is a western thriller directed by Quentin Tarantino, famed actor and film-maker. The film stars a plethora of incredible and high caliber actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Jennifer Leigh, and a few others. The opening of the trailer shows off a carriage with two people riding in the snow-covered mountains. They come across a bounty hunter, played by Samuel Jackson, who asks for a lift.

The oncoming blizzard forces strangers to take shelter under a lodging filled with killers and back-stabbers. The trailer creates a realistic western feel to the story and the exceptional cast just add the extra flavor. The landscape and scenery for the movie are breath-taking and the cinematography in the trailer is powerful. The reviews were mostly positives. Tarantino is well-known for his love for violence, and that carries over well into the story.

The plot is engaging, and characterization of the characters was significant, but viewers expressed the storyline to be dull at times with a lack of consistency. Lovers of Tarantino movies will enjoy the suspense and thrill this film will create with its stellar crew, gun-slinging violence, and its spectacular music score. The feature has many nominations and won several awards for its original score.