A girl mostly raised by a single mother Maria Fahl Vikander as her parents separated when she was just a 60 days infant though she feels lucky that she was in touch with her big family including siblings from her father’s (Svante Vikander) also. As her mother was also a stage actress, i.e., she has been grown in such an atmosphere that was relevant to her interests, so this 27-year-old passionate actress began her career at the small age of 7. Initially performing at the Gothenburg Opera for three and a half years. Alicia knew her dreams and passion for dance and television series which led her to work more for them. When she was 9, she got herself trained in ballet in her land Gothenburg only (at Royal Swedish Ballet School).

Being passionate, she left Gothenburg when turned 15 and moved Stockholm to learn more. She dedicatedly traveled to different places for more training to get that perfection in her skills. But her fate! She got injured and could not work more on her passion for dance so it could not stay as her lead profession. She was equally passionate about working as an actress in television series and started working on herself at the age of 16. But failed several times and struggled a lot. Alicia never stopped trying and found starring roles in television. Swedish TV drama gave a life to her passion. She became a popular actress at the age of 21 (2008-2010). One of the famous films Pure (2010) made her realize her dreams for which she achieved different awards. In 2015, she has starred some films and shining brightly by being awarded and nominated for her acting Alicia Vikander is residing in London since 2014.