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English Movie Actress Julianne Moore
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She demonstrated wide range of ability to portray and make remarkable character using an ample amount of emotion. She’s known for the name Julianne Moore, a gifted and charismatic actress. Born as Julie Anne Smith on December 3rd 1960 in North Carolina, United States. She first builds her acting career in 1985 to 1988 television soap operas. She landed roles from 1990 to 1993 but she was spotted with great acting ability in the movie “The Fugitive.” She played the character of Dr. Anne Eastman when Dr. Kimble ( Harrison Ford “Get-off my plane!” This may perhaps one of his su >> Read More... ) sneak out in the Cook County Hospital, concealed himself as a Janitor, checked the vital signs of kid patient and provided the proper treatment  that saved the kids life. In that part Dr. Anne tried to chase him but Kimble got away.

She made her biggest break in the movie “Short Cuts” a story of the lives of people from suburban Los Angeles as Marian Wyman. She also starred as Dr. Sarah Harding in the movie “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.” She also starred in the story of a man engaging to pornography industry in the movie “Boogie Nights” as Amber Waves. She also starred in the movie “The Big Lebowski” as the story evolved with a mistaken identity of a millionaire that helps his friend get into bowling competition. She made a great rendition of the character Sarah in the 1999 movie “The End of the Affair” – a story of a writer that meets and greets husband of ex-mistress. She also starred in the story of love, life and forgiveness in the acclaimed movie “Magnolia” with Tom Cruise One of Hollywood’s best; Built his name in enterta >> Read More... . She also made another big break in the 2002 movie “the Hours” as Laura Brown. Alongside Meryl Streep, a story of women affected by a character in a novel and has recent suicide commits. She also starred in the 2004 movie “Laws of Attraction”, and “Children of Men” – a miraculously impregnated infertile woman that is looking for sanctuary at sea.

She also starred with Colin Firth He is well-conceived as a genius actor that can re >> Read More... in the movie “A Single Man.” A story of a professor that tried to recover from the death of his boyfriend. She also starred as Catherine Stewart in the 2009 movie “ Chloe Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, followed by “ The Kids Are All Right Click to look into! >> Read More... ” a story of 2 kids brought to life by artificial means, alongside Mark Ruffalo Born on November 22, 1967, in Wisconsin, U.S, Mark >> Read More... and Annette Bening One of the most remarkable actresses that hit silv >> Read More... . She also starred in the movie “Shelter”, as Emily in the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, followed in 2012 movie “ Being Flynn Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, as Susanna in the movie “ What Maisie Knew Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, followed by “ Don Jon Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, in the 2013 movie “ The English Teacher Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, as Maragaret White in the movie “ Carrie Click to look into! >> Read More... ”, as Jen Summers in the movie “Non-Stop”, as Havana in the  movie “Maps to the Stars”, and as Dr. Howland in the 2014 movie “Still Alice.” A story of a linguist that was confined with Alzheimer’s disease and her family was tested with this life trial. She also played the role of Alma Coin the movie “The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 and Part 2”, and as Mother Malkin in the 2014 movie “ Seventh Son Click to look into! >> Read More... .”


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