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Elisabeth Shue is an actor who got her first break in the movie The Karate Kid Click to look into! >> Read More... in 1984. Shue, who was born on 6th of October 1963, was raised by her parents Anne Brewster and James William Shue in Wilmington, Delaware along with her two brothers. Born to working parents, Shue spent most of her time with her brothers. After her parents had been separated when she was around nine-years-old, Shue was raised by her mother and lived with her two brothers William and Andrew. Studied at Wellesley College and later at Harvard, Shue is not only just talented but comes from a strong academic background.

Shue’s teenage was spent on becoming the face of commercials like Burger King, Hellman’s mayonnaise, and De Beers Diamonds. She enjoyed participating in these television commercials and later was cast in the film The Karate Kid movie as a girlfriend to Ralph Macchio in 1984. Her role in the movie got Shue the desired attention and laid foundation for her acting career. In the same year, Shue got a part in the television series Call To Glory playing Jackie Sarnac. The show, however, was short-lived and ran for only one season of 24 episodes. Shue realized that her career was taking a turn in Hollywood and hired an acting coach and also moved to Harvard University to pursue her graduation in Political Science.

Her movie career was also on the go with not so popular movies like ‘Link’ playing Jane Chase and Double Switch (Disney’s television series) as Kathy. Her popularity was boosted by her next movie Adventures In Babysitting, playing the role of Chris Parker in the movie in 1987. She was seen mostly as playing somebody’s love interest and got famous for her girl next door image during the early days of her career. Shue, who is keen on keeping herself fit is known to have been in the cheerleading squad and football team during her school days. But her athletic feature was only exploited in her movies much later.

Shue was cast in the famous science fiction comedy movie Back To The Future Part 2 and 3 as Jennifer Parker and Jennifer McFly respectively. This movie again brought her some popularity playing the love interest to the main character Michael J Fox in the movie. She plays a dual role in the series playing both the younger and older self in it. She played the role of a girlfriend aptly and was well appreciated by the fraternity. Some of her popular flicks include ‘ Cocktail Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ in 1998 where she plays Jorden Mooney starring opposite Tom Cruise One of Hollywood’s best; Built his name in enterta >> Read More... . This movie is a romantic comedy and her chemistry with Cruise is a treat to watch.

Later they released Body Wars and the sequel to Back to the Future. And one of her favorite movies was Soap Dish which was in the theaters in 1991 in which she is Lori Craven and then in Heart And Souls she plays Anne. She appears in a television series by General Motors Playwrights theater 1992 as Alice Adams. Her stint of some mediocre roles continues with her in Twenty Bucks, Radio Inside, and Blind Justice. Her roles were not that significantly worth remembering, and she slowly drifted to the horror/thriller genre. After her career had hit the rock bottom stage, Shue took a chance with a low budget movie playing a prostitute.

She played Sera, a prostitute opposite a drunkard character played by Nicholas Cage. Her acting skills were appreciated and how. She got nominated for all the major awards for that movie, which includes the Academy Awards and BAFTA. She did not win the Academy Award, but that was the closest she ever got in her career. Like some of the big names like Jane Fonda Jane Fonda was born on 21st December, 1937 in New >> Read More... and Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor is one of the legendary figures i >> Read More... who claimed to fame donning prostitutes, Shue’s acting too was recognized playing one. After her nomination, Shue was seen in plenty of movies untill 2014. Not all her movies were a commercial success, but her characters seemed to vary a little.

Her best so far she says is playing a dark character which she enjoys playing. After The Trigger Effect and The Saint, she was cast in a Woody Allen Heywood Allen, also known as Heywood “Woody” Allen >> Read More... movie called Deconstructing Harry as Fay. She is also seen in ‘Palmetto’, City Of Angels and The Saint. She has credit for working alongside some great actors like Robert Downey Jr One of the Hollywood’s elite and utmost paid actor >> Read More... (Heart And Souls and Soap Dish), Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas and Tom Cruise in Cocktail. In 2000, she claimed to fame in Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon is a renowned actor and musician. He w >> Read More... and Josh Brolin Aged 47, Josh James Brolin, took birth on February >> Read More... . She plays Dr. Linda McKay in the movie. This thriller was a huge success commercially, and Shue earned her fair share of fame in Hollywood.

This is an action packed adventurous thriller where an invisible serum is wrongly used by Kevin Bacon, and things get worse after that. Shue also appeared in a television series for CBS produced by Oprah Winfrey “Oprahfication” a coined-word by Wall Street Journ >> Read More... in Amy And Isabelle, which received only critical appreciation for her. In 2000 Shue also went back to Harvard to complete her BA degree in Political Science as she had quit her education to pursue her film career. Then she appeared in different films like ‘Leo’ in 2002 where she worked with Joseph Fiennes Joseph Fiennes is an actor from England who works >> Read More... and in the movie Hide And Seek in 2005 alongside Robert De Niro A legendary actor and one of the most influential >> Read More... and Dakota Fanning.

She also played in ‘Dreamer’ with Kurt Russel. She also remained present on Broadway production and played a role with her name in the comedy Hamlet 2. Like this, she was seen starring alongside big A-listers. Shue lost her brother William in the earlier days. Shue’s other brother Andrew is also a talented actor like his sister and can be spotted in shows like Melrose Place. Both siblings also starred in a movie based on their personal life about losing their brother Will. The movie ‘Gracie’ was produced by Shue’s husband, Davis Guggenheim Davis Guggenheim, officially called as Philip Davi >> Read More... , whom she married in 1994 and had three kids with him.

Her long association with ‘CSI’ began in 2000, and she is seen playing Julie Finlay in the hit series. Again in 2012, she was seen in CSI, and she continued with the show till 2015 but did not make it to the finale. She was also seen briefly in Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2009 playing Virginia. She also appeared on ‘Seinfeld’'s reunion episode. In 2010, she shot for Piranha 3D. In the movie she plays a cop Julie Forester and is seen trying to save her family. This movie was successful and showcases her action skills. She appeared with legends like Meryl Streep She’s not just Hollywood giant but also a winner o >> Read More... and Tommy Lee Springs in the movie Hope Springs Click to look into! >> Read More... playing a bartender.

Shue was in the news for being in such cinemas which gave her the opportunity to be in some good movies. With Jennifer Lawrence, Shue was seen in the famous thriller/horror House At The End Of The Street in 2012. This movie was the talk of the town and was a hit film for both the actors. And with Gerard Butler Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty. For >> Read More... she was cast in the movie Chasing Mavericks Click to look into! >> Read More... and she played Kristy Moriarty which was released in 2012 and another movie called Behaving Badly in 2014 after a two-year gap from her last movie. Her latest was her show CSI which she bid goodbye to in 2015. Shue also appeared in the show Blunt Talk in the same year as Suzanne Mayview in the episode Queen Of Hearts.

In 2017, she is scheduled to appear in the flick Battle Of The Sexes. Shue has been a guest on several talk shows which include The Ellen Show, Late Night Show, and others. She is still active though she has crossed fifty. She is married to David and maintains that she has a healthy relationship with him. One of her three kids (Miles, Stella, and Agnes) is named after her brother William.

She studied with her brother in Columbia High as well and both are listed in the hall of fame. Shue also has siblings from her father’s remarriage. She gives her time to raising kids and is with her family. Though she has not won an Academy Award, she has won awards like Independent Spirit Awards and Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards.