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Lizzie Miller English Model
DOB: 22 Oct 1994

Lizzie Miller

Tyra Banks English Model
DOB: 4 Dec 1973

Tyra Banks

Fiona Allison English Model
DOB: 6 Dec 2000

Fiona Allison

Daniela Pestova English Model
DOB: 14 Oct 1970

Daniela Pestova

Mireia Lalaguna English Model
DOB: 21 Nov 1992

Mireia Lalaguna

Patricia Bundchen English Model
DOB: 20 Jul 1980

Patricia Bundchen

Kevin Zegers English Model
DOB: 19 Sep 1984

Kevin Zegers

Alexis Arquette English Model
DOB: 28 Jul 1969

Alexis Arquette

Kate Moss English Model
DOB: 16 Jan 1974

Kate Moss

Diogo Morgado English Model
DOB: 17 Jan 1981

Diogo Morgado

Tila Tequila English Model
DOB: 24 Oct 1981

Tila Tequila

Gisele Bundchen English Model
DOB: 20 Jul 1980

Gisele Bundchen



Iain Glen English Movie Actor
Born: 24 June 1961

Age Now 63

Iain Glen - (Movie Actor)

Mindy Kaling English Movie Actress
Born: 24 June 1979

Age Now 45

Mindy Kaling - (Movie Actress)

Michael Reid MacKay English Villain
Born: 24 June 1953

Age Now 71

Michael Reid MacKay - (Villain)

Dan Gilroy English Director
Born: 24 June 1959

Lived For 55 Years

Dan Gilroy - (Director)

Georgia Hale English Movie Actress
Born: 24 June 1905

Lived For 79 Years

Georgia Hale - (Movie Actress)

Lynda Carter English Movie Actress
Born: 24 June 1951

Age Now 73

Lynda Carter - (Movie Actress)

Minka Kelly English Movie Actress
Born: 24 June 1980

Age Now 44

Minka Kelly - (Movie Actress)

Mary Brannaman English Movie Actress
Born: 24 June 1954

Age Now 70

Mary Brannaman - (Movie Actress)


Endorsements And Launches Need Us

Models are the people who showcase clothing and merchandise in print or advertisements through other media. The main purpose is to promote a product or a brand. The stylists work hard on their look. The costumes that they wear are exclusives and suit the theme of the show or product. Special color schemes, patters, and fabrics are designed especially for the models. They are excellent at ramp-walking and have great communication skills. Comfortable in front of the camera, they are immensely photogenic.

They study the products that they endorse- apart from clothing, they may promote accessories like jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, or home appliances and gadgets. They have amazing screen presence and very spontaneous. They need to keep experimenting with their wardrobe (be it styles or colors), make-up, and hair and carry off each of their looks confidently. The supermodel's get to be showstoppers where they display the signature outfit of the designer.