Birthday: 12-02-1968
Age: 51
Star sign: Pisces

Aged 47, Josh James Brolin, took birth on February 12, 1968, was a marvelous actor, belongs to America. Josh James Brolin belongs to a family with a popular film background. His Father, James Brolin is a thriving actor in his time. He has spent his childhood in California and from his childhood Josh Brolin was inspired by his father’s acting skills. Instead of getting help from his father, Josh Brolin has placed himself as a shining star in the sky of Hollywood.He got married to his Co-star Minnie Driver in 2011and had two sons, after his unsuccessful married life, he got engaged to Diane Lane, who is also an actress by profession. He is an allrounder who has proved himself in various type of roles in his career. Josh Brolin has made his debut in short television flicks. He has worked in many commercial movies.

He has cast in movies as a lead actor as well as in a negative role. He has showed his extraordinary bravery skills in his blockbuster hit superhero flicks like Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. He has won The Oscar Award for his fabulous acting in a biopic Milk as the best supporting actor male. In his acting career, he has received a huge amount of prestigious awards like NYFCC and NBR award as the best supporting male character and Blockbuster Entertainment Award for the movie Hollow Man. Josh Brolin has done a Documentary named as The People Speak and was the narrator of a story line The Tillman Story. He was awarded the Uncredited Cameo for the chartbuster movies Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Apart from acting, he has proved himself as a writer as well as a director. Because he adored his mother, he has written many stories and poems for the memory of his mother, after her death. He has the noble skill of Communication.

Joseph Gordon Levitt English Actor

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Aged 34, a handsome young actor of America, Joseph Gorden Levitt was born on February 17 in the year 1981 in the beautiful city Los Angeles, California. His parents did not belong to film background but helped him a lot to achieve his goal. Dennis Levitt, his father, was worked as a news director at a radio station. Joseph Gorden Levitt’s maternal grandfather, Michael Gorden was from a film background, by whom he has inspired a lot for the acting industry. He got his graduation in the year 1999. He belongs to the Jewish religion. Joseph Gorden Levitt started his career as a child actor in the television series. At a very young age, he has done so many blockbuster movies and television series. Joseph Gorden Levitt became popular among his youngster fans for his classy personality and mesmerizing smile. His near and dear ones called him Joe and Regular Joe with affection. In his first debut commercial movie A River runs through it, he was awarded Young Artist Award. In his early age, he has also directed and written the scripts for some movies, later which were nominated for prestigious awards in 2013. He also owned a production company, which has given so many charismatic and legendary movies to the viewers. His dimples, childish look left his followers awestruck and hypnotized forever. Most of his free time, he was seen playing the Guitar and the Drums. Joseph Gorden Levitt has always idolized his favorite actor Daniel Day-Lewis. He is very proficient in the French language. Joseph Gorden Levitt has proved himself as a legendary actor and created a place for himself in rank six on the esteemed Entertainment Weekly’s actor list. Joseph Gorden Levitt got married to his long-time girlfriend Tasha McCauly in the year 2014 and had a son. This great personality is known for his humble nature and his work for the underprivileged.


Josh Duhamel

The star of Hollywood, Joshua David Duhamel, is well known among his followers as Josh Duhamel, for his heroic deed and tremendous acting in his movies. This magical star Joshua Duhamel took birth on November 14 in the year 1972 in the cosmopolitan city America. Joshua Duhamel, who was by profession a model, started his career as an actor. He has all the attributes to be a model and actor. He has made his debut in a television series of two renowned channel ABC and NBC. He got his graduation from Minot state University in science, where He got selection on the Football team. Duhamel was awarded the Model of the year title from the famous International Modelling and Talent Association in the year 1997. The movie Transformer is the milestone in the path of success of the legendary actor, Josh Duhamel. He has nominated for so many awards and is rewarded with Soap Opera Digest Award and Kid’s Choice Award as the best actor for his admirable acting in the movie Transformer. On January 10, 2014, Josh Duhamel got married to his long-time fiancee Fergie, who is a famous singer by profession and had a son named as Axl Jack Duhamel. She is very smart, amiable and a successful businessman, who owned a restaurant in Minot. He loved to take many more challenging roles and gave his best in it. Josh Duhamel had received so many favorable reviews from his blockbuster hit movies like Transformer, When in Rome, Life as we know it, which made him the heartthrob of Hollywood. At such a short span of time, he has created a suitable place for himself in the heart of the viewers and in the world of acting. He has a passion for racing cars. Josh Duhamel has received so many prominences and reputation in his career.

Josh Duhamel English Actor