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Oprah Winfrey English Actress
“Oprahfication” a coined-word by Wall Street Journal to describe the settings in Oprah Winfrey Show. Anyone who stand and become her guest will turn-out at the end to make public confessions of the truth about their selves. Oprah Winfrey is well-recognized by her viewers by turning her TV-set into a real-life scenario.

Born as real-named Orpah “Oprah” Gail Winfrey on January 29, 1954 at Kosciusko, Mississippi, U.S. by a teen housemaid Vernita Lee. Oprah is an iconic symbol that defied poverty and become super wealthy. At her early life, she was left by her mother to Hattie Mae Lee, her grandmother. She was often mocked and bullied by her classmates for wearing “potato sacks” as her dress going to school for being so poor. She was transferred to Nashville, Tennessee. While in custody of a relative, her studies became so blooming and even joined declamation/oratorical contest that made her the most famous student in their school and granted her scholarship key to Tennessee State University. She took Communication Arts and graduated with A-grades. She became the youngest and only black-American to air in a radio station at the age of 19. At her TV-Show in 1986, she made a confession also for being sexually abused by one of their relatives that made her family to feel demoralized and react blatantly. This was denied by her family and mother. Oprah had a sweet story at her young age, teen who fell in love and engaged premarital sex. This eventually lead to pregnancy, unfortunately she lost her infant baby boy.

Oprah is considered to be the “Philosopher’s Stone” or “Media Mogul” in entertainment industry. Anything that she discusses will become viral. Any items or products that she will endorses and give away will become very popular and will have panic buying by the following day by her viewers. She was also considered to be a “Political Magnet” and “New Comer’s Endorser.” Any politician that will step foot in her set will be acknowledged and accepted by her fellow Americans. Any “Wannabee Child-Star” will have their chance to become famous once you appear as her guest.

She is not just a TV-Show Host but also an actress, author, and proprietary producer. She appeared first in 1985’s “The Color of Purple” as “Sophia” and different nominations from Academy and Golden Globe Awards. She appeared also in “Native Son” as Mrs. Thomas, The Woman of Brewster Place, Brewster Place, Lincoln, There Are No Children Here, Ellen, Before Women Had Wings, Beloved, and the “Star-Studded” The Butler with multiple nominations from different organizations, Selma and more. She also made voice roles for Bee Movie, The Princes and the Frog and Charlotte’s Web. She was listed not just by multiple times, became also the top 1 for the “Most Influential/Powerful Woman”, “Most Richest Women” for having a net worth of almost $3 billion as of 2013 and first African-American Black Billionaire-Made Woman, by Times, Forbes and other respected magazines. She launched and owned her own network – Oprah Winfrey Network.

Other interesting fact is that she won the highest award that a civilian can get – “The Medal of Freedom”. This medal is given to any civilian that fights for freedom-world peace, or any other significant role that contributes to humanity and equality in our time. This award can be considered equivalent to enlisted personnel’s “Medal of Valor.” This was given to her by President Barack Obama in 2013.