Heywood Allen, also known as Heywood “Woody” Allen was born on the 1st of December in the year 1935. His original name is Allan Stewart Konigsberg. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, U. S. He is an American by nationality. He is a very talented person, or a multi-talented person. He is a writer, director, comedian, actor, musician and playwright. His career stretches to over sixty years. In the 1950s, he mainly worked as a comedian. He used to write many jokes and humorous scripts for the television. He even published some of his books which contained humor and jokes with the aim of making other people laugh.

The books contained short stories written by Wood. In 1960, he became a stand-up comedian. He used to perform stand-up comedy instead of writing scripts and humorous stories. Instead of telling unconventional jokes to make people laugh, he emphasized on monologues. As a comedian, the personality that he maintains, the voice and the throw of his words are very hard to find in any other person in his genre. We cannot compare any other stand-up comedian with a person like Woody Allen. Allen was ranked in the fourth position by Comedy Central in the year 2004. He came fourth in the list of the hundred greatest stand-up comedians in the world.

Allen was ranked in the third position by a United Kingdom-based Journal. Allen started to write scripts for films and direct them by the middle of 1960. He first specialized in slapstick comedy. He concentrated on the European Art Cinema dramatic material in the year 1970. He still highlights the difference between drama and comedy and he has provided some interesting views regarding that. Allen is considered to be a part of the prestigious New Wave of Hollywood Film makers who were present and worked between 1960 and 1970. Allen does not only direct and write scripts for films, but also acts in them.

His main roles are all based on the life of a stand-up comedian. Hannah And Her Sisters, Annie Hall, Match Point, The Purple Rose of Cairo are some of the best films that he has both directed and acted in. they were all released between 1970 and 1980. Allen’s career spans over sixty years and he has been awarded with four Academy awards during his career. Three of the awards belong to the Best Screenplay Original category while one of them is for the Best Director Category for the film Annie Hall. He also won the British Academy of Film And Television award nine times.

Willie Garson English Actor

Willie Garson

William Garson, full name, William Garson Paszamant, a prominent American actor, was born in February 20, 1964. He has worked in more than 75 movies, and more than 300 Television episodes. He is well recognised for portraying Stanford Blatch in Sex and the City, the HBO series and the related film series. He also played role of Mozzie, in the White Collar series of USA Network from 2009 to 2014, and performed in Hawaii Five-O as Gerard Hirsch. Garson was raised in Jewish family to Muriel (née Schwartz) and Donald M. Paszamant in Highland Park, New Jersey. He adopted his son in 2009, who was seven at the moment. He attended Camp Weekela in Hartford, Maine for 11 years, as a child. In 1895, he went on to receive his theatre degree from Wesleyan University and attended Yale Drama School as well. Garson started his career in 1986 movie, ‘The deliberate strangers’. He had a recurring character of Henry Coffield on NYPD Blue. He performed in various TV series, Mr. Belvedere, My Two Dads, Coach, Quantum Leap, Monk, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World , Ally McBeal, Party of Five, Special Unit 2, Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, The X-Files , Cheers, Yes, Dear, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Just Shoot Me!, Pushing Daisies, Stargate SG-1 (3 episodes), Wizards of Waverly Place, CSI: Miami, Mental, Spin City, and Taken, to name a few. He starred in HBO series, in the year 2007, in the show John from Cincinnati. He said he feels fortunate to have worked in long running shows. In the interviews, he regularly shared his back stage and shooting experiences which have not been less than a laugh out loud situations. Garson is credited with numerous movies like There's Something About Mary, and Fever Pitch, Groundhog Day, Freaky Friday, Just Like Heaven, Being John Malkovich, Labor Pains, The Rock, Fortress 2: Re-Entry, and Out Cold. He had a cameo in the end credits of Jackass Number Two, the full context of the cameo was explained in Jackass 2.5. He supports several charities: Joslin diabetes camp, Habitat for humanity, Young artist United, Big brothers etc. Even though, he is a famous personality, his dating and relationship status stayed unknown to the media. He has a good sense of humour and certainly takes his acting career seriously. He has given impactful performances in almost every show and movie he has structured for the record.


Lenny Venito

Lenny Venito was born on the 10th of May in the year 1969. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is an American by birth. He is a professional actor and has been active in this industry since 1988. He has acted as the lead actor in many Hollywood movies, but at the same time, he has also appeared in guest roles in some of the biggest films that Hollywood has ever produced. He had guest appearance roles in movies like Gigli, Tom Cruise starrer War of the Worlds which was an alien based movie, Will Smith starrer third edition of the Men in Black movie. These movies were big earners across the world. The Neighbours was a comedy movie produced by ABC. Lenny acted in the movie, and the name of his role in the movie was M. Weaver. Lenny did not only act in movies, but he also acted in television series since 1988. One of them, named The Sopranos, was a very famous crime-thriller television series. Lenny played the character whose nickname was Murmur in the show. His main role in the show was to assist the lead actor B. Kingsley and the lead actress L. Bacall to solve the cases which they took as detectives. In the television series Flight of the Concordes, which used to appear on HBO channel, had Lenny portray the role of John. He appeared in two episodes of the show namely Wingmen and Mugged. He played the role of a depleted and incompetent mugger. The two episodes were great hits, and his acting was greatly appreciated. In the comedy Ugly Betty which is also an American drama, he was seen portraying a very pivotal role in the show. Bored to Death was another TV series where Lenny appeared acting as an NYPD police officer. He was a part of the Celebrity Poker competition in the year 2008, but unfortunately, he got eliminated in the very first round of the competition. Lenny was a part of the NYPD Blue TV series and acted like a person who had a golden heart. He played the same kind of role in one of his film named Blind Justice. The ABC thriller The Knights of Prosperity also had Lenny appearing as a guest in one of the episodes. For the same production company, he worked for two years from 2012-2014 in the show named The Neighbors. He also played a role in the Disney animated show Peen Zero: Part-Time Hero.

Lenny Venito English Actor