Birthday: 27-05-1970
Age: 49
Star sign: Gemini

Joseph Fiennes is an actor from England who works in films as well as on stage. He was born on the 27th of May, 1970. He studied theater at Great Britain’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He first performed in plays at the West End Theaters of London. The two shows he took part in here were The Woman in Black and A Month in the Country. Following these events, he became part of the Royal Shakespeare Company for a limited period. Trying his hand at television, he first appeared on The Vacillations of Poppy Carew in the role of a person named Willy.

Stealing Beauty was Joseph Fiennes’ first motion picture released in 1996. His co-star in the film was Liv Tyler. Following this, he acted in two movies titled Elizabeth and Shakespeare in Love, which were highly appreciated by both public and critics alike. For his work in the pictures, he was nominated for the award for Best Actor. Shakespeare in Love received an Academy Award for the best motion picture. He and Gwyneth Paltrow earned appreciation for their ‘chemistry’ in Shakespeare in Love.

2001 and 2002 saw Fiennes doing the movies Enemy at the Gates and Killing me Softly. 2003 was a relatively busy year for him with many projects at his hand. He worked as a voice artist in Sindbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, portraying the character Proteus’ voice. In the biography film Luther, he got the role of Martin Luther. He also played Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice based on Shakespeare’s short story of the same name. Old Vic is a heritage theater in London in which he got the opportunity to perform the play Unicorns, Almost.

In 2006, Fiennes starred in the movies The Darwin Awards and Goodbye Bafana, based on the write-up by James Gregory, Goodbye Bafana: Nelson Mandela, My Prisoner, My Friend. He also appeared in Running with Scissors in which he worked again with Gwyneth Paltrow, his co-actor in Shakespeare in Love.  After three years, in 2009, he showcased his acting in Flashforward, a sci-fi television program. This TV show ran for about a year. He played the role of ‘ Merlin’ in another show for television known as Camelot. His performance in The American Horror Story of 2012 is also noteworthy.

Going beyond acting, Fiennes has given positively to social causes too. One such act is donating an autographed card to Thomas Coram Foundation for Children, which they put for sale on eBay by them.

Fiennes has been in the film industry for around 20 years. His immense contribution in this field is worthy of appreciation.

Joseph Cotten English Actor

Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cheshire Cotten, Jr. was an American actor who made a name with his works in films, theater plays, television shows, and radio. He earned a reputable position in Broadway after working in The Philadelphia Story and Sabrina Fair which was an original stage production. His illustrious career has seen him play a variety of roles in many distinct films and stage acts. His Hollywood film resume includes many famous movies like Love letters (1943), Portrait of Jennie (1948), Dual in the Sun (1946), Shadow of Doubt (1943), The Third Man (1949), Niagara (1953) and many others. He wrote the screenplay for the film Journey into Fear which was released in 1943. Born on 15th ​May 1905, Cotten was the elder most son of assistant postmaster Ceshire Cotton Sr. and Sally Willson Cotten. He was born in Petersburg, Virginia and grew up in Tidewater region. Being a theater critic, he was inspired to work in theater productions and went on to do so both in Virginia and New York City. 1930 was the year he made his debut on Broadway. He was the inaugural member Mercury Theatre which was Welles’s company. He starred in Broadway productions like the Shoemaker’s Holiday, Ceasar and Danton’s Death. The tall, handsome and always well-dressed actor made his debut in movies in a short film directed by Welles, named Too Much Johnson. The short film was based on William Gillettes play in 1890. Unfortunately, the movie was never released in public. He was part of the film Citizen Kane which portrayed a press magnets life. The lead character, Kane, was played by Welles himself and Kane’s best friend’s role was acted out by Cotten. Citizen Kane received many applause and praise but didn't really live up to the expectations for some and bombed at the theaters a result. It was nominated for nine Academy Awards. Cotten was voted the 17th most famous star in USA, during the mid-1940's. He devoted more than 40 years acting and working in movies. His first wife, Lenore Kipp, died due to leukemia. Cotten married actress Patricia Medina a year later. He made mostly sci-fi and B-grade movies later on in his career, but his talent and skills were never neglected. Due to cancer his larynx, was removed during the early 90's.On February 6th, 1994 lost his life at the age of 88 due to pneumonia and was buried at Blandford Cemetry situated in Petersburg, Virginia.


Joseph Mazzello

Joseph Mazzello is an actor, screenplay writer as well as a director of America. He is well known for his work in Jurassic Park. Mazzello was born on the 21st of September, 1983. His father used to run a school which taught performing arts. Perhaps, this inspired Mazzello to get into the stream as well. His siblings, Mary Mazzello, and John Mazzello have contributed to films as well. Steven Spielberg seemed to have identified the talent this young man possesses because he recommended Mazzello for admission in University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Having a meager source of income earlier, he paid the fees of drama school from the sum he received for his acting in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Mazzello made his debut in the Hollywood movie industry when he was just 7 with a small role in Presumed Innocent. Before this, he also worked in the film which was only played on Television titled Unspeakable Acts.  Harrison Ford was the lead actor in this motion picture. Later, he played a role in the Radio Flyer of 1992. He got nominated for the best child artist award for the character he played, Bobby.  Some of the movies through which Mazzello received fame were Shadowlands and Jurassic Park. In Jurassic Park, he plays the grandson of John Hammond. He was present at the park due to the on-going divorce procedure of his parents. He was nominated and also occasionally awarded best young actor award several times for television shows and pictures such as Desperate Choices: To Save My Child for his role as Willy Robbins, Jurassic Park and also The Cure. The character he played for HBO’s program, The Pacific as Eugene Sledge, is quite famous too. He acted as the co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz in The Social Network of 2010. This movie won various awards and was highly appreciated by critics too. Mazzello initialized his work as a director with the short- length movie Matters of Life and Death. He also acted in the same movie. Other film stars to work in this movie were Daniel Gillies and David Strathairn. He had already worked along with the latter film star in motion pictures such as The Sensation of Sight of 2006, Simon Birch of 1998 and The River Wild of 1996.The most recent picture in which he engaged in direction was Undrafted. It is due to release this year itself. Starting at the tender age of seven, Mazzello e is still much- loved by the masses today.         

Joseph Mazzello English Actor