English Theatre Artist ( 0 - 12 )

Esin Eden

Oona Laurence

David Conrad

Alyque Padamsee

Zoe Kazan

Frank Schenk

Lupita Nyong O

Steven Mackintosh

Ritchie Coster

Ria Jones

Reshma Shetty


Theatre Artist

A Theatre Artist is any person who is involved in a theatre group. These artists may include actors, ones who help in materializing the script or in rehearsals, lighting professionals etc. They perform live for a relatively smaller group of audience. This can be in the form of a drama, dance or even music. 

They are the backbone of theatrical art. Theatre artists are not recognized as much as the celebrities yet they are equally talented. These theatre groups usually perform in places such as Colleges, Schools, Sabhas etc. They either perform for existing scripts such as scenes from holy books or make their own script and perform the same. Predominantly these theatre artists do not take the assistance of microphones no matter how large the crowd is.

Theatre artists are not just restricted to those who perform plays or dance, it also takes into account the people who fix lights, props and necessary equipment on stage for they also deserve huge credit.