Birthday: 20-12-1983
Age: 35
Star sign: Capricorn

Jonah Hill Feldstein works as an Actor, comedian as well as a producer in America. Hill is famous for his job as an actor in a comedy role in films like Accepted, 21 Jump Street, Knocked Up and Superbad. He was born on 20th December 1983. He started writing plays when he was in college. He performed them at a bar in New York City called Black and White bar. Hill was friends with Dustin Hoffman’s children, who is an Actor and director as well. They acquainted Hill to Dustin Hoffman who asked him to take part in the auditions of I Heart Huckabees.

He succeeded in getting a role in the movie, and this was how his career as an actor initialized. Then, he appeared in the first picture of Judd Apatow as a director named The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which opened a way for him to star as a video game tester who is a virgin in Grandma’s Boy of 2006 and also acting in the movie Knocked Up of 2007. He landed his first role as a lead actor in Superbad, a movie produced by Apatow. This film got based on the picture’s writers- Seth Rogen along with Evan Goldberg.

In the December of 2007, he played Nate Cox in the movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. He also showed on Saturday Night Live as the host on the 15th of March 2008, which featured Mariah Carey. Later, he worked as an actor in Funny People which was Judd Apatow’s third Directorial attempt. His co-stars in the movie were Seth Rogen, Eric Bana and also Adam Sandler. In Sacha Baron Cohen’s “mockumentary” Brüno, he worked as an associate producer. He also acted on one The Simpsons’ episode titled Pranks and Greens. In this episode, he played the role of an immature person called Andy Hamilton. In all of his roles before July 2016, Hill was slightly overweight and appeared plump.

In the Month of July of 2011, he showed at the ESPY awards of ESPN flaunting a different and lean figure. When questioned, he said that he had lost 40 pounds in all. He displayed his new look for the first time on screen in November 2011 in a commercial for a video game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He tried his hand at creating a cartoon series called Allen Gregory along with Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul. However, it did not work out well with the audiences and had to be cancelled by Fox in the January of 2012. For his acting in Moneyball (a 2011 sports movie), he earned a nomination for a Golden Globe in the award type - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. In the picture, he was featured as Peter Brand, the first dramatic character he had ever played.

Very soon, in the January of 2012, Jonah Hill was nominated for an Oscar for the first time in the category- Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the same film. Some famous movie stars he has worked with are Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street and also Ben Stiller along with Vince Vaughn in the motion picture The Watch. He also played a role in Django Unchained of 2012. In June 2012, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences invited him. In the year 2013, he was seen acting in two movies which did very well among the audiences.

The two movies were This is the End and The Wolf Of Wall Street (for which he received a 2nd Academy Award Nomination). He gave his voice as the Green Lantern in The Lego Movie, a movie which was an amalgam of computer animation and action. He was offered a role in 22 Jump Street too, which was the next in series of 21 Jump Street. Another outstanding acting performance of his was in True Story opposite James Franco. Early this year, he acted as a surety agent in Hail, Caesar! He has created for himself a big name in the Hollywood industry at just the 32nd year of his life.

Jon Tenney English Actor

Jon Tenney

Jonathan Frederick Tenney, aka Jon Tenney, is an American actor. He was born on 16th of December, 1961. His birthplace was Princeton in New Jersey, USA. He was the son of Frederick Haworth Tenney. His father was a researcher and mother was a psychiatrist. Tenney's maternal grandparents were Jewish. In 1984, he completed his degree on Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College. He focused and studied philosophy and drama. Later, he went to The Julliard School of Drama in the group nineteen. Coming to his career, he had his first debut in The Real Thing. Mike Nichols directed it. He used to work constantly in the regional theaters, off and on-Broadway. Other stage performances of Tenney are The Substances of Fire, Biloxi Blues, and The Heiress. Then, he started working on TV and did many other shows. Two of them are, Steven Bochco directed ‘Brooklyn South’, and a sitcom of Kristin Chenoweth titled ‘Kristin’. He had several guest looks on Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Get Real, and Spenser: for Hire. Tenney was seen in The Closer, as a special agent called Fritz Howard. He co-starred with Kyra Sedgwick. He did the third season of Major Crimes, as a LAD deputy chief along with Howard. Later, he personified himself as Dr. Simon Craig in Brother & Sisters. Then, in 2013, he acted with Rebecca Romjin in King & Maxwell. He rolled as Sean King, who is a lawyer and an ex-Service Agent. However, it got canceled after one season. Then, he came in the drama, ‘Scandal’, created by Shonda Rhimes. In Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, Tenney played the character of the CEO of Benbrook Oil industry. Next, he acted as the fellow of Alex Whitman in the screenplay, Fool Rush In. His other small works include ‘Tombstone’, ‘Nixon’, Beverly Hills Cop III, Music from Another Room, and the sequel to 2009's The Stepfather. He also did Rabbit Hole, and John Cameron Mitchell created it. In 2011, he did a superhero photoplay entitled Green Lantern, as Martin Jordan. He did 2011's Hide Away, as the divorced man, 2014's The Best of Me, as Harvey Collier, 2015's Love the Coopers, as Dr. Morrissey, 2016's The Seagull, as Dorn, and many more. Coming to his personal life, in 1994, he got married to Teri Hatcher. They have a daughter named Emerson Rose Tenney. Then, in 2003, they separated. On 16th of June, in 2012, he married Leslie Urdang. In 2012, he came as Antonio Dawson on Chicago Fire. He had a lead appearance in Chicago P. D. Peter's daughter, Haley, had a guest appearance in it. He got married to Ana Salazar in 2008. They have three children.


Jonathan Daniel Brown

The cool-dude American actor and a budding director of 27 years and almost three movies on his name was a rebel as a child and a greater radical now. Jonathan Daniel Brown was born in July 1989 and was a good learner back then but a person with ‘poor behavior’. With a geeky look on his face he started with a short film called ‘Nerd Hunting’ with the tagline ‘Because Nerds Need Love Too!’. He acted JB in Project X in 2012 wherein he was selected through a pan America acting contest. Project X from the director of ‘The Hangover’ Todd Philips was his major breakthrough. The plot revolves around three high-school boys(JB, Thomas and Costa) who throw a party to be recognized in the teen-society. A real-life scene was done to make the scenes look more realistic and even the police arrived on the spot to check the loud-sounds. After this he went on to work as Nate Norman in Kid Cannabis which is a real-life story of a dropout-turned-millionaire Idaho who is supplying drugs on US-Canada border. He has also played his part in Bad Milo as Joey. He has just finished directing his first short film titled ‘Horseshoe Theory’ which is a strange and dangerous love story of an arms dealer falling in love with an ISIS terrorist. His voice could be heard in some animated series. He is also working on Project XX. He likes to describe himself as ‘anti-authoritarian’ and was sharing his views openly and rather abruptly on Twitter until he was banned from Twitter on Oct 12, 2016. According to him, he is happy about it. He is passionate about video games and has his own strong views on Game Gate campaign. Earlier opposing it and now supporting it; when asked he answers views changed with the change in the environment. With his short work and three movies, he believes that if he could help people escape their problems for even a short time, then his work is done! That what takes an artist to grow old with his art.

Jonathan Daniel Brown English Actor