Vincent Vaughn aka Vince Vaughn is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, born March 28, 1970. His mother, Sharon Elleen, is a highly respected stockbroker who once was ranked a top “money manager” by Bloomberg. Vaughn’s father was a salesman for a toy company. Vince has two older sisters, Victoria and Valerie. During high school Vince played three different sports; football, baseball and wrestling, yet still considered himself “unathletic”. At the age of 17 he was opened up to the world of theater and decided he wanted to become an actor. In 1988, Vince made his debut by starring in a Chevy commercial. He went on to appear in a few TV episodes. He appeared in a season if China Beach and in a few Schoolbreak Specials on CBS. His film debut came in the form of the classic movie Rudy where Vaughn played the main bully. During the filming of this movie Vaughn will meet and form a close bond with director Jon Favreau Jonathan Kolia Favreau is an American Filmmaker, c >> Read More... Jon Favreau . It was not until 1996 that Vaughn received even wider success when he starred in the movie Swingers with Jon. Vincent would then go on to star in big blockbuster hits like Jurassic Park 2 directed by Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... Steven Spielberg , Return to Paradise with Anne Heche Anne Heche is a Hollywood actress, famous for her >> Read More... Anne Heche and Joaquin Phoenix Dubbed as one of the incomparable actors of our ti >> Read More... Joaquin Phoenix and Clay Pigeons. After appearing alongside Ben Stiller Ben Stiller is one of the most renowned comedians >> Read More... Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch and then Dodgeball he was labelled as being part of the Frat Pack. This is a group of actors including Owen Wilson Owen Wilson was born in Dallas, Texas on November >> Read More... Owen Wilson , Ben Stiller and Jack Black Jack Black whose full name is Thomas Jacob Black w >> Read More... Jack Black who all have appeared in many movies together. Vaughn appeared in 3 movies in 2005, Thumbsucker, Be Cool, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In 2012 it was released that Vince would be writing and producing a reboot of the Brady Bunch TV series. Currently Vaughn is a star on the HBO series True Detective. In 2010 Vaughn and Kyla Weber married. They now have two children, a daughter and a son. Vaughn is an outspoken supporter of Ron Paul and is also a huge Notre Dame fan.