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Bill Guttentag is a director, producer, as well as a writer from America. He is known for winning two Oscars in his career. He was born in the United States itself.

You Don’t Have to Die was the first movie of his, which received an Oscar award. It portrays a boy who does not give up even when he has cancer, and eventually wins his battle against the deadly disease. The film is produced, directed as well as written by Bill Guttentag himself. It was a 1988 picture. After almost 12 years, he won another Oscar for the documentary film, Twin Towers. It is about the attack on the world trade center by two hijacked planes in 2001. It offers real footage as well as interviews with survivors of this harrowing event. In 2007, he did two motion pictures, ‘Live!’ and ‘Nanking’, respectively. Nanking’s story is taken from The Rape of Nanking, which describes the destruction of the former Chinese capital and its forces by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1937.

Nanking won many awards at various film fests, as well as an Emmy and George Foster Peabody Award. It got a nomination from the Writers’ Guild of America Award for Guttentag. He made the crime drama TV series, Crime and Punishment, which aired on NBC for two consecutive years. He tried his hand at writing novels, with “Boulevard” being his first book. It was a literary crime novel and was published by Pegasus Books. He directed Soundtrack for a Revolution, a movie with a primary focus on the Civil Rights Movement and music. It won him several awards at film festivals and nominations from the Writers’ Guild of America Award, Producers’ Guild of America Award and Academy Award too.

In 2012, he made the film Knife Fight Click to look into! >> Read More... Knife Fight , which was related to politics. He created this movie in consultation with Chris Lehane. It must have been quite influential, because it got screened at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and also at the Democratic National Convention of 2012. His films were selected time and again to be screened at various film festivals. Some of his pictures even got played at the White House! Masters of Disaster: The Ten Commandments of Damage Control, is a book he wrote, together with Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane. He started teaching at the Stanford University in 2001. He teaches Film and Television Business to students of the Graduate School of Business of the University.