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Saturday Night Live or popularly called as NBC's Saturday Night is a favorite late night American television comedy. Lorne Michaels creates the show, but later developed by Dick Ebersol. The program started airing from October 11, 1975, and has aired a total of 824 episodes by now. Saturday Night Live aired its 42nd season on 1 October 2016.

The program is a sketch comedy show, airing episodes on contemporary politics and cultures. Each season is hosted by a celebrity guest who performs in the sketches with the cast members. The guest is supposed to perform a musical act or a dance depending on his/her latest release of film or album. In addition to this, monologs, and performances by singing and dancing stars are also included in the show. Even though the show starts with a cold opening sketch, it then ends when someone from the cast members stops acting and declares "Live from New York; it’s Saturday Night!" Comedian George Carlin was the first person to host the show. Since then, hosts have been from extensive backgrounds including Buck Henry (actor), Ralph Nader (political activist), Dolly Parton (musician), ABBA (pop group) and a lot more.

Saturday Night Live also has a band of its own called The Saturday Night Live Band or The Live Band, with Howard Shore as the music director. Lorne Michaels formerly hosted the show. But in 1980 he left the show to find better opportunities. Due to the crisis, Jean Doumanian was hired in place of Michaels. Later, due to a lot of bad reviews, Michaels was replaced by Dick Ebersol. Ebersol successfully ran the show till 1985 when Michaels returned. Since then, Michaels has been a part of the show. Other talented casts of the show include Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner and John Belushi. However, Chevy Chase left Saturday Night Live in the second season, but the producers found the then comedian Bill Murray to replace him. Later, young talents like Mike Myers, Chris Farley, and Adam Sandler also joined the show. Saturday Night Live is the longest running television program in the United States.

The program is the receiver of many awards including 50 Primetime Emmy Awards, three Writer's Guild of America Awards, and two Peabody Awards. Saturday Night was also listed in Time magazine's "Top 100 TV shows of all time". It has also received the most number of Emmy nominations in the history of television shows- a total of 156.


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