Over the past few years, mainstream Hollywood has offered Zack to appear as a comedian in many films (Due to Date, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Bored To Death, etc.) where he was seen as a bearded man. Such roles made it easy for blockbuster movies to run to packed houses, but such offers haven't made it easy for him. He is not a just comedian on screen but a very humorous in off screen too. 

A decade ago, when this actor had started off as a production for an independent film ten years ago, he had introduced himself to movie’s producer by saying: 'My name is Galifianakis- ‘starts with a gal and ends with a kiss.' The producer was surprised by his quality of humour. 

Industry people always feel that Zach has a need even for him to find humor all the time. Quite some time back, when his father died, instead of being depressed by the news, people had seen him just laughing so hard. 

In this film industry, even his fans found his name was tough to pronounce, but everyone had accepted that his work and screen presence became indelible. This actor is so down-to-earth that he does not have a publicist and does not even have an assistant yet. Galifianakis says. 

He has struggled with depression before. Always lauded for his comedy touch in his performance, critics rate him as a phenomenal actor (for comedy only). He finds a lot of happiness in the sound of people laughing. People always laugh at his jokes that he portrays in films. 

This 46-year old comic actor always gets a chance to tone the comedy down and inject sometimes pathos into his character. He always says that he does not get the kind of movies he likes. He also likes good stories, more grounded kind of stuff. 

He also wants to appear in sad movies- that kind of characters are too his favourite type. He loves to appear in emotional movies too. He was seen in “The Hangover Triology” (2009-13) and won MTV award for his best comedic performances. 

He was even noted for his supporting roles in ‘Youth in Revolt’, ‘ Birdman Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ and ‘Up in the Air’, etc. In August 2012, Galifianakis married Quinn Lundberg and were blessed with a child. The actor was born on October 1, 1969, in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

Barry Pepper English Actor

Barry Pepper

Barry Pepper is an actor in Canada. He was born on 4 April in 1970 in Campbell River in Columbia. The roles that brought him fame and name were as John Tyler in the movie Battlefield Earth and also as Daniel Jackson, a Private in the movie Saving Private and many others. His father was a lumberjack. When his father retired, the family made a ship on their own and set for sail for five years. He was five years old at the time, and they explored the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean through the voyage. As at the time there were no other means of entertainment he found himself indulged in the habit of sketching for fun. He completed his studies in public schools. He started his acting career in the year 1992 with the film A Killer Among Friends. He played the role of Mickey. After that he played the role of Jimmy Zee in the movie Johnny’s Girl in the year 1995, the role of Harold Bride in the movie Titanic in the year 1996, toe role of Rico in the movie Urban Safari in the year 1996, the role of Packer in the movie Firestorm in the year 1998, the role of Daniel Jackson in the movie Saving Private Ryan in the year 1998, the role of Roger Maris in the movie 61 in the year 2001, the role of Charlie Halliday in the film The Snow Walker in the year 2003. He acted in many movies. Recently he portrayed the role of Russell Dodson in the movie Kill the Messenger in the year 2014, the role of Vince in the movie Maze Runner in the year 2015. He was nominated for many awards and won several awards in his acting career. He won the online Film Critics Award for the Best Cast in the movie Saving Private Ryan in 1999; he also won an award in the movie Battlefield in the year 2001, also won best male performance in the movie The Snow Walker in the year 2004, and won two awards for the movie The Kennedys in the year 2011.


Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis was born on September 18, 1975, in Fairfax, Virginia. He had his schooling in Catholic schools as the family had moved to Overland Park, Kansas. In the city of Kansas, he performed at ComedySportz, and he was noted for his comedy performance.  Late on, he moved to Chicago and joined the famous Second City troupe as a touring cast member and became a founding member of Second City Las Vegas. At this juncture, Sudeikis auditioned for a spot in the long-running theatrical performance Blue Man Group. In 2003, he took up writing sketches for Saturday Night Live TV show and appeared in a comic role.  In 2005, he got elevated to a featured performer and joined the regular cast in September 2006. In 2012, he became famous in the role of Mitt Romney in SN, but in 2013, he had quit from the SNL show ultimately. The actor then made guest roles in TV. He acted as Floyd DeBarber on the NBC series 30 Rock (2007-2010). He was a voice actor as well. He joined the cast of animated comedy series In the Cleveland Show; he played two characters (Holt Richter and Terry Kimple).  Soon, the actor made a transition move from TV to cinema. In 2008, he played a significant role in comedy flick What Happens in Vegas. Although his debut in films came in the year 2007 in the film with ‘The Ten’, ‘Meet Bill’ and ‘The Rocker’ followed simultaneously. He appeared in even three short films (2008-2011).  But it was in 2011, he got an important role in the movie Hall Pass and his talent went recognized. The year 2015 saw him playing an important role in films like Masterminds and Tumbledown. His forthcoming movies are Race, Mother’s day and The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. The actor got married to 30 Rock author and writer Kay Cannon in 2004 but had got divorced in 2010.  Later, he dated another actress January Jones and got separated. Finally, he met actress Olivia Wilde and got engaged in 2013. Now they have a blissful married life with a child being born to them.

Jason Sudeikis English Actor