James Allen Whitmore a.k.a James Whitmore was an American television, film and theater artist. James was born to Florence Belle and James Allen Whitmore Senior in White Plains, New York. He did his schooling from Amherst Central High School, New York for the period of three years. He attended the Yale University on a football scholarship, but unfortunately, he had to set aside his passion for football because of injury. After the injury he started taking an interest in acting; he joined the Yale dramatic society. He graduated in the year 1944.

James began his acting career after the Second World War. He appeared in a movie for MGM named Battleground. He appeared in few more films like The Asphalt Jungle, The Next Voice You Hear Angels in the Outfield, and much more. He appeared on television during the 1950’s; he appeared in a show named Anthology Series.
In 1968, James appeared in the movie Planet of Apes as the head of the Simian Assembly. In 1986, he voiced for Mark Twain in the movie The Adventures of Mark Twain. He played the role of librarian Brooks for the classic movie The Shawshank Redemption (1994). He has also worked in a Disney movie named A Ring of Endless Light (2002), playing the role of a grandfather. His last screen appearance was in a C.S.I. episode Ending Happy. He has won many awards that include- Golden Globe Awards (1949), Grammy Award (1975), CableAce Awards (1989), and Emmy Awards (1999).

James Whitmore was first married to Nancy Mygatt in 1947; they divorced in 1971. They had three sons named Stephen, Jame, and Danny. He got married to actress Audra Lindley in 1972 but divorced her in 1979. Whitmore and Nancy married again in 1979, but after two years they divorced.
In the year 2001, James got married to author and actress Noreen Nash. In his later stage of life, he was in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

James Stewart English Actor

James Stewart

James Maitland Stewart was an American General in the USAF, and then he became an actor.He was also known as Jimmy Stewart. He was born to Elizabeth Ruth Jackson and Alexander Maitland Stewart. His mother was an excellent pianist, so music always had an important part in his life. Since childhood, James had a dream to go into aviation sector. He worked for it too, but later he ended up taking the United States Naval Academy because of his father. He was an excellent student, his professors appreciated him for his thesis on an airport design, and he also received a scholarship for his graduate studies. James started working in play in 1932. James made his screen debut with a short movie Art Trouble (1934). After that, he worked with MGM, and slowly he started gaining popularity. He played high profile roles in the 1930’s. He completed his final theatrical project in 1991. He appeared in more than 92 movies, television program and short films. He has five films listed under 100 greatest American films at the American Film Institute; these included Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, Vertigo, and Rear Window. His films are considered to be classics. He usually portrayed American middle-class human struggling with crises. James was in the U.S. Army in the 1940’s. During the years of World War II, he gained the rank of a colonel. First, he became an instructor in the United States, and later he went on combat missions in Europe. He remained in the U.S. Air Force Reserve team after the war; he retired in 1959 from the post of a brigadier general. James Stewart won many awards during his career, including Academy Award for the Best Actor (1941), and Golden Globe Award for best performance (1974). Stewart was a calm, down-to-earth human being. He valued hard work. He was a soft-spoken, kind and a true professional. He was married to model Gloria Hatrick Mclean. He adopted her two children Michael and Ronald. He got the gift of twin daughters, Judy, and Kelly on May 7, 1951.  James’ wife died in 1994 due to lung cancer. He lost his stepson Mclean in 1969; he died while serving in the Marine Corps.  


James Woods

James Woods is an American producer and an actor who is known for his portrayal of a bad guy in the movies. He has done commendable work in some of his most known movies like Casino, Hercules, Once Upon a Time in America and the Onion Field. Woods is a receiver of a Golden Globe award and was also nominated for the Academy Awards. Woods was born no 18th April 1947 in Vernal, Utah. His father’s name was Gail Peyton Woods, who served the American army and died in the year 1960. After the death of his husband, Woods mother, Martha operated a pre-school. After some time, she married Thomas E. Dixon. Woods completed his high school education from Pilgrim High School in the year 1965. After completing his schooling, Woods went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue his undergraduate studies. He majored in Political Science. During his studies in the Massachusetts, Woods was an active member of Dramashop, a theatre group of the University. He directed and acted in many plays while working with the Dramashop. He got so involved in working in the theatres that he dropped out of MIT in the year 1969 to pursue his career as an actor. After dropping out of college, Woods moved to the theatres. Before debuting in the Broadway, Woods appeared in six theatre plays. He debut in a Broadway play in the year 1970 at the theatre Lyceum. His first Broadway play was produced by Frank McMahon, and the name of the play was Borstal Boy. After that, he appeared in the play The Trial of the Catonsville, produced by Daniel Berrigan where he played the role of David Darst. Woods even won the Theatre World Award for his performance in the play Moonchildren directed by Michael Weller. After his promising contribution to the theatre world, Woods moved to a bigger audience. Woods achieved huge success in the television and cinematic universe. Woods has appeared in more than 140 television series and movies. He first appeared on the small screen in the year 1971 in the show All the Way Home. He first appeared on the big screen in 1972 with the movie The Visitors. He was mostly known for his dark and negative roles in the movies. His portrayal of a murderer in the movie The Onion’s Field was appreciated by all the viewers and the critics. He even appeared in The Rockford Files. In 1986, he appeared in Oliver Stone’s Salvador, playing a journalist for which he was nominated for the Best Actor in Academy Awards. He was again nominated for the Academy Awards for the Best Actor in supporting role for the movie Ghosts of Mississippi. His most memorable performance was in the movie Once Upon a Time in America in 1984. Woods also appeared in HBO’s mini-series named Too Big to Fall for which he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series. Woods is also known for his voice work in some animated movies like Hercules, The Simpsons, and The Family Guy. He is also known as the voice of Mike Toreno in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Woods is currently working on an animated movie Justice League Action.

James Woods English Actor