Hampton Lansden Fancher is an American artist who became a producer and writer in the belatedly 1970s. Fancher was born to a Danish mother and an American dad, a doctor, in California, USA. At the young age of 15, he ran off to Spain to enhance himself as a flamenco dancer and renamed himself, as Mario Montejo. He was married shortly to Sue Lyon of Lolita place. Fancher exists in Brooklyn Heights. In 1959, Fancher performed in the episode Misfits of the ABC American television set, The Rebel.

In the story, Fancher used the nickname Bull with Malcolm Cassell as Billy the Boy and Hal Stalmaster as Skinny plan to steal a bank so that all can live hereafter without working. The Misfits get the staff of The Rebel played by Nick Adams in taking out their doomed project. Fancher then performed Deputy Lon Gillis in seven chapters of the ABC American, Black Saddle, along with Peter Breck. The company started on other American, Will Travel, Have Gun, Cheyenne, Tate, Stagecoach West, Maverick, Outlaws, and Lawman, and Temple Houston. He was appointed as Larry Wilson in the episode Little Richard of the CBS compilation series, GE True, entertained by Jack Webb. In 1965, he performed the part of Hamp Fisher, a close similarity of his own style, in the Perry Mason chapter The Case of the Silent Six. He also worked as Mr. Bonner in a Bonanza event a dollar's worth of argument.

Prior to drafting the first screenplay of the science fantasy film named Blade Runner, Fancher performed in two Troy Donahue films: Parrish and Rome Adventure. After establishing Philip K. Dick to claim Dick's book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Fancher penned a screenplay and got the assistance of Michael Deeley. This did Fancher the managing producer, which led to clashes with the director David Peoples and Ridley Scott being taken in to continue editing the script. Fancher penned two films later, The Mighty Quinn in the year 1989 featuring Denzel Washington and The Minus Man in 1999, which he also addressed, featuring Owen Wilson. In the early '80s, Fancher composed and lived outer of Los Angeles in Topanga Valley.

​Fancher performed in a cameo part in the independent movie Tonight at Noon by Michael Almereyda, which leads Rutger Hauer. Fancher contributed the voiceover description for the DVD extras in The Criterion Collection version of famous movies of Ernest Hemingway's small story The Killers, which covered 1946, the 1956 and the 1964 variants.