Lil Wayne

Other names of Lil Wayne: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
Birthday: 27-04-1982
Age: 37
Star sign: Taurus

Lil Wayne, whose actual name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., is a rapper of American descent. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 27, 1982. His mother bore him when she was just nineteen. Two years after Lil's birth, his parents divorced.

Lil's mother remarried Rabbit, with whom he shared a warm equation. Lil went to Lafayette Elementary School, Eleanor McMain Secondary School, and Marion Abramson Senior High School. Lil wrote his first rap song at the tender age of eight. In 1991, he had a chance meeting with Cash Money Records' owner, Bryan Christopher Williams.

Bryan recognized his talent and helped Lil record some of his creations. Though both of them were in their teenage, they managed to produce some stellar work. Eventually, Lil stopped taking education to focus on his musical career.

Bryan played a role in Lil’s life which was similar to a father-son role.. As a child, he would listen to Nirvana, a rock group, and it influenced him immensely. Lil has also got inked on multiple occasions. After becoming famous, he also took an online course in psychology from the University of Phoenix.

In 1996, he formed a group with Juvenile, Turk, and B.G. Their debut album, Get It How U Live! was a massive hit. Simultaneously, Lil started to prep for his solo innings as well. He has produced I Am Not a Human Being, Like Father, Like Son, Free Weezy Album, and more. Lil has swept several prestigious awards too.

Besides rapping, Lil has also featured in several TV shows and movies like Who's Your Caddy?, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The World According to Paris, and much more. He has also lent his voice to Freaknik: The Movie's character Trap Jesus.

Lil became the founder of Young Money Entertainment in 2005. On multiple occasions, police have charged him with smoking drugs or carrying a gun without a proper license. Several production companies have also filed lawsuits against him. He is also a financial donor of One Family Foundation, a non-profit charity.

Lil is the doting father of four children named Reginae, Dwayne III, Cameron Carter, and Neal. Their mothers are Antonia "Toya" Carter, Sarah Vivan, Cameron Carter, and Nivea respectively. Though he dated all of them, he only ever married Reginae's mother, Antonia "Toya" Carter, who was also his childhood sweetheart. Besides them, he has also been in a relationship with Christina Milian and Trina. Lil suffers from a neurological condition called epilepsy. As a result, he sometimes gets seizures.

Richard Fortus English Actor

Richard Fortus

Richard Fortus in an acclaimed American guitarist and is a member of American hard rock band ‘Guns N' Roses’ which is based in Los Angeles. This band has released six studio albums and generated sales of 100 million records worldwide and is currently the largest selling rock band of all time. Richard Fortis is a line-up artist with other members who are either drummers (Frank Ferrer), keyboard players (Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese) and Richard is the guitarist. Besides associating with ‘Guns N’ Roses’, the acclaimed guitarist got associated with the Australian-American rock band named ‘The Dead Daisies’ which came up in 2012 in countries like Australia, Sydney, and Los Angeles. He is associated with this band (2013-16). In the year 2013, he joined the Australian and New Zealand tour organized by the band and took in charge of three shows as a guitarist along with another rock musician Marco Mendoza, pianist Dizzy Reed where the lead singer Stevens performed in the show. With Dizzy Reed, he made her appearance for the band again in 2016 with another hard rock guitarist Doug Aldrich. It is said that Doug has released a new record for the band 'Make Some Noise’ in Nashville for American songwriter and recording producer Marti Frederiksen. The musical album ’Make Some Noise; will be released globally in August 2016. The band is likely to come up with another set of albums soon and it will cover up Japan and the US very soon in its selected tour program. The band will perform its first ever Japanese show this year. Richard Fortus is also associated with another California-based band company named 'Jericho Summer'. This band company will come up with Devil's Blade Records in 2016. It is a country rock album (better known as the southern rock) which will be released on the 10th August 2016. The album features Grammy Award-winning country guitarist Albert Lee alongside Richard Fortus, Marco Mendoza, and Stuart Duncan. Earlier, Richard was associated with another US Rock Band 'Love Spit Love' and Irish Rock Band Thin Lizzy. This American guitarist was born on November 17, 1966, in the US.


Lisa Coleman

Lisa Coleman is a violinist, composer, and musician, born on August 17, 1960. She played the part of a backup vocalist in pop singer Prince’s tour of the album Dirty Mind in 1980. Lisa then joined The Revolution band in 1980 and was a part of it until 1986. Coleman eventually formed a band named Wendy & Lisa in 1986 with Wendy Melvoin, daughter of Mike Melvoin, a keyboardist. Lisa Coleman is born to Gary L. Coleman and Marylou Ciletti in California. She has two siblings – Cole and David. Lisa’s father Gary is a musician, who has a great friendship with Mike Melvoin through their band The Wrecking Crew. Both their daughters followed their footsteps and later formed a band, Wendy & Lisa. Lisa’s sister Cole is a writer and singer. Their brother David is a percussionist and guitarist. David Gary Coleman died in 2004. He has collaborated with many musicians including Prince, Aimee Mann, etc. Lisa’s musical career began at a young age, twelve to be precise. She was a professional keyboardist for Bubblegum Pop band named Waldorf Sand in 1973. Her mother, who used to sing to piano tunes, ignited her passion towards music. Coleman decided she wanted to play the piano as she thought it was astounding. She took classical lessons while growing up and became a professional pianist. After her debut in 1973, Linda Blair requested Lisa to play a part as the high school musician for the film Sarah T – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic, which Lisa accepted in 1975. Later, Lisa toured with Prince and had her first gig at the age of 19, in 1980 as a part of The Revolution. Coleman eventually started her band with fellow band-mate of The Revolution Wendy Melvoin. Subsequently, she worked on Purple Rain, a musical in 1984 as a keyboardist. Her later works are Soul Food (1997), Carnivàle (a TV Series from 2003 to 2005), and the famous Heroes TV Series between 2006 and 2010. For this series, Lisa was a writer for seven episodes and performer of the original theme for nine episodes. She composed music for many other TV series including Snoops (1999 to 2000), Nurse Jackie (from 2009 to 2012) and Shades of Blue (2016-2017). Lisa Coleman also arranged music for the documentary Valentino’s Ghost: Why We Hated Arabs in 2015. Her collaborators include Gwen Stefani, Tchad Blake, Shiela E and Sanaa Hamri (for the Something New film in 2006). Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin ended their courtship of 20 years, before which Lisa came out as a lesbian in April of 2009. Lisa is the winner of an Emmy Award in 2010 for the TV series Nurse Jackie for Original Theme. She shared an Oscar and two Grammy Awards for Purple Rain with Wendy Melvoin for Best Background (original). The songs co-created by Lisa Coleman are Computer Blue, and Sometimes It Snows in April (for Parade). Prince’s death in April 2016 was a major blow to Lisa and Wendy, as they had a love-hate relationship with him.

Lisa Coleman English Actress