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TVF Season 2 is the second series broadcast on the TVF. The story starts with the introduction of the four bachelors Jitendra Kumar Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor. He was born on >> Read More... aka Jeetu, Jassi aka Jasmeet Singh Bhatia Jasmeet Singh Bhatia is an Indian actor. He is als >> Read More... , Badri, and Shiv. There is a contest going on between Victoria, an extremely old woman, and Jeetu. The game is musical chairs and being played between two rival offices. Jeetu is going to win and sit on the chair when Victoria fakes breathlessness and Jeetu on seeing her like this, lets her sit on the chair. Victoria wins, which makes Boss Bhola very angry. He is beating himself with Bhola’s belt. Bhola is sick of winning the second prize from his employees all the time. He calls Jeetu a cheater and throws him out of the office. Thus Jeetu gets fired and his colleagues call him unfaithful and criticize him. Once Jeetu was the employee of the year, and now he is called an unfaithful man. The first episode shows the fight between the bachelor vs job. The parents of all the three friends get together to have a dinner cum criticizing ceremony of their children. All of them are unemployed except Jeetu.

Jassi’s father sings songs full of criticism for his son. Jeetu comes and saves them and promises all the parents that he will get the bachelors employed in one month. This episode is a funny version of the movie ‘Chak De India.’ Jeetu is representing Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... . He starts their training and the first task is how to give introductions in front of the person taking the interview. Badri is the only one who says BTech engineering student rather than specifying the branches, like Shiv mentions he is a mechanical branch student. Jeetu believes that saying the branch name divides them so as to maintain the spirit of unity, say that you are an engineering student. Jeetu does not even know the spelling of the word engineer yet he is the bachelor’s teacher. Jeetu gives them the task to prepare lemonade in just ten minutes, teaches them how to create the fake resume. The bachelors think that the name should also be fake on the resume even began to write that when Jeetu points them to write their real names. Jeetu makes the bachelors practice how to give an interview in front of same the boss, Bhola, who threw him out. He teaches them to fake impress Bhola by giving him compliments.

The other three bachelors think that Jeetu is a frustrated engineer who is taking his frustration out on them and making them do his daily work. The other three become angry and stop their practice by resigning. The serious way in which the four bachelors crack jokes makes the audiences laugh. Jeetu then explains that he wanted the three to get jobs so that he could get his tiffin box back from his boss’s table, which he left accidentally. The other three think that Jeetu is going to leave the bachelor’s pad as they accused him a little too much. But it comes out that Jeetu had packed the bag because he was going to give the clothes for washing. Jeetu again begins their training when they apologize in front of him for their behaviour. The day of the interview arrives. Jeetu dresses them in formal clothes, asks them to shave, bath, and become ready. They make their final resumes and prepare one last time for the group discussion for their interviews. He gives them all the tips which he learned during his time in the office. The IT interview goes on for 17 minutes. They all want Jeetu’s bike to travel to the office. The interview starts and two of the bachelors get selected. Badri does not get selected on the spot but gets rounded for the Skype interview the next day.

Jeetu guides Badri during the interview sitting in front of him, behind the camera. After getting selected, all three reach Jeetu’s ex-office and take his lunch box. The second episode depicts the difficulties bachelors face during the month-end. At this time they have no money. The news reporters tell the viewers that a virus named DEBT is infecting people and transferring them into zombies. This virus infects those people who have not been given their debts for months. The bachelors have not paid their electricity bill, newspaper bill, the milk-man, the wifi bill, the barber, etc. All these people have become zombies. The bachelors leave their apartment for some time and when they return the whole area has been destroyed. They ask a man lying down, injured, what has happened. He tells them all are transforming into zombies. The four bachelors think it is all a joke till a lot of DEBT walkers come towards them. A man saves the bachelors by throwing coins on the floor which distracts the DEBT walkers. Those who get their debt-money cleared become human beings once again. Upon reaching their apartment, after escaping the zombies, the bachelors see that their house has no electricity. The man who saved them explains that registers are full of unpaid bills. The bachelors always gave excuses to all these people waiting outside and this is finally the breaking point of loan givers. They want their money back. But the bachelors are in their month-end so they cannot give anything as their salary would come on the first of every month. They are sitting protected in the house when they hear a voice. They think that the zombies have come inside, but it is their maid. They realize that they have also not paid her but Jassi goes inside the room and orders her to make Maggie not realizing that she has also become a zombie.

The bachelors have to run outside but the other zombies are already there. So they take safety in a car. But a group of private and government bank zombies is coming for the person who helped them. So they get trapped in the car. They contribute money to pay for their food tonight. Jassi also transforms into a zombie as he also gave money to Badri and now he wants his debt back. The bachelors have to leave him behind. Badri and Jeetu escape using Jeetu’s bike. They come to an ATM to get some money out of it. Jeetu notices that till the time the card is in the ATM machine the zombies become quite. Their ATMs are empty and have to wait until the next day’s night for their salary. They decide to spend the night in the bank. Actually, they forgot that November has 30 days and are surprised to receive the salaries the very next day. They are able to pay all the bills.

The third episode is bachelor’s fight with making food. They make a union to complain to the maid that the food she makes is tasteless. Badri leads the union but as soon they complain the maid threatens to leave their work. She tells them that she cooks in the hospital of deaf and dumb and no one complains there. Jeetu points out that they cannot speak so how will they complain. Badri’s mom comes to eat with the bachelors and becomes angry after eating the maid’s food. Badri’s mother complains to the maid and tells her how to make human eatable dal. Badri’s mother teaches the maid a lesson and throws her out. This episode is based on the movie ‘ Dangal Dangal is a Hindi live debate show that aired on A >> Read More... .’ Badri’s mom also brings her brother ie, Badri’s uncle. She makes the tastiest food and till the time she lives with the bachelors, makes food for them. Uncle goes to find a maid but Badri’s diet is so much that no one agrees. The bachelors start stealing Maggie and cooking it in other people’s houses and get into fights. Mother asks them how they made Maggie and this gives her the idea that they can cook food.

She starts giving them training. She tells them that no one would order food from outside and no maid would be kept. The bachelors cut onions, bring vegetables, start making food, and learn to knead the dough. Badri’s mom labels everything and prepares the kitchen for them in hopes that when she leaves they can make their own food. The bachelors learn how to cook chapatti by using a roller. They make uncle eat the food prepared by the bachelors. Badri gets teased by roadside bachelors that he now looks like a maid. So they give up their mother’s scheme and order food from Zomato. When Badri’s mother sees this, she slaps her brother and tells the bachelors that they disappointed her.

There is another set of bachelors living in the other building block, who still live on maid’s food tell them that they are lucky enough to at least have their mom teach them tells them that ordering food only continues till the 8th date of every month. These bachelors were invited by Badri’s bachelor group for a party. They have become thin like a stick. This makes the four bachelors realize their mistake. Badri’s mom is surprised to see food ready till 8:00 am even before she gets up. The bachelors made her breakfast and also washed the utensils. After Badri’s mother leaves he starts watching international chef’s videos. He starts getting influenced by them and forgets what his mom taught him. He now starts focusing on the presentation. He starts giving the dishes foreign names for likes from his followers. Badri’s mother thinks he is forgetting her ways and giving her cooking no appreciation.

Badri’s friends still follow Badri’s mother’s technique of making food. Badri advises them to forget about his mother’s techniques and start making photogenic food like he makes. Badri and his mother then get into a food fight. She wants to see what the internet taught Badri, that she could not. Badri follows his internets ways while mother follows her own old technique to cook food. But in the end, the internet stops and Badri’s dish remains incomplete. He is more still more worried about getting un-followed by his followers. In the end, his mom says the steps he required, as it is, and he prepares the dish listening to his mom’s techniques. He makes the chicken recipe. Badri realize his mistake. Badri’s mom says the golden words at last, ‘let us eat our today.’

The fourth episode is based on the sensational movie ‘Baahubali’ renaming it as ‘Bahubully.’ The Fresher of the college is trying to see videos when their laptop crashes. They go to the 4th year senior’s room to steal the laptop. Jeetu takes the CPU and all his friends are in awe of them. They also steal the monitor. But they still get denied access. They decide to steal the Babesena which is a hard disk. They all wear masks to free Babesena from Dahi Bhalla who is the HOD of the college. Jeetu volunteers to go and free the hard disk for as the frustrations of the college students can only be relieved by these videos. Kaatapa, Dahi Bhalla’s Ph.D. student says that Bahubully is Jeetu because Jeetu resembles the professor Bahubully.

Kaatapa tells him the story. Bahubully entered as an assistant professor, Dahi Bhalla in this college five years back. He took the parking place of Dahi Bhalla which pissed him. Bhalla tortured the students and makes them all sit on the first bench so there are no back-benchers in his class. One day Bhalla has to take a sick leave, so Bahubully had to teach the children. The students become impressed by his teaching skills so when Dahi Bhalla returns. They protested against him and only want to be taught by professor Bahubully. The HOD of the college died so the students want Bahubully as their new HOD. But the dean keeps this deal that whichever professor gets more students placed in the companies would be the new HOD. Bhalla gets nice students for preparing while Bahubully gets idiots like Kaatapa who is now doing Ph.D. under Dahi Bhalla.

Bahubully wants his students to break the beard and provides them a sports certificate for a sports tournament he conducted. Dahi Bhalla’s 18 students get placed while Bahubully’s 1 student gets placed. Still, Jeetu gets chosen by the dean and got the name ‘Bully of Bullies’ Bahubully. But he was thrown out of the office because of Kaatapa’s betrayal. The fifth episode consists of the second part of Bahubully. Bahubully brings pages for the photocopy so that students can get their notes photocopied without any hardship. The students worship him, and they do not even cheat in the exams when he comes, such is his respect. Bhalla is jealous and since Kaatapa is his lapdog, he uses him. One day Bahubully is late so some other professor misbehaves with his students and forcefully takes their answer sheets from them before the time limit. But one student Jassi bites him. Dean is angry and she is about to expel him when Bahubully comes. He proves that the professor wanted to go to a party at three pm so he took the papers from the students early. Bahubully wants the dean to cut his salary and insults the dean, as she says it is in her power to throw Jassi out or cut the professor’s salary. Dean makes him Bhalla the HOD and Bhalla orders Bahubully to become a librarian.

Students chant Bahubully’s name and still support him. Bahubully has come to live with the students in their hostel as ordered by HOD Bhalla. Students are happy as now they can get their doubts cleared anytime. Bahu teaches in the language of students and also parties with them. No one attends Bhalla’s classes in the college as they study in the hostel. Bahubully sacrifices his sleep to create a hard drive of all the notes for his students. This angers Dahi Bhalla. So Kaatapa gets blackmailed by Dahi Bhalla, with his Ph.D. degree at stake. Kaatapa tells him that his father took a loan from the bank to make him study so he will do anything to finish his degree and get Ph.D. Bhalla tells Kaatapa to help him throw Bahubully out of the college. Kaatapa finds the hard disk of professor Bahubully’s notes and exchanges it with inappropriate stuff. This disk has been exchanged by Kaatapa and shown to the dean who throws Bahubully out for teaching students inappropriate things and that disk has been called Babesena from then onwards. Bhalla stole Bahubully’s notes and kept it to teach students. But Jeetu asks Bhalla questions after stealing the hard disk so he will not be able to give the answers. The truth comes in front of the dean and Bhalla gets thrown out for false charges on Bahubully.



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