One of the sexiest actresses of all time and sensational star in Hollywood. She’s known for his uniqueness and beloved by her “Spanish accent.” Born as Penelope Cruz Sanchez, born on April 28th 1974 in Alcobendas, Madrid – Spain. She started in 1991 in making her career from TV-roles to Hispanic movies in their country. She made her film in Hollywood in 1993 as Mary for the movie “For Love, Only For Love.” Followed by the movie “The Greek Labyrinth” and the 1993 movie “The Rebel” playing the role Enza. She also played the character Diana in the 1997 movie “Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health” and as Isabel Plaza Caballero in the movie “Live Flesh.” She also played the role Macarena in the movie “The Girl of Your Dreams” in 1998, as Pilar in the movie “Talk of Angels”, starred as Josepha in the movie “The Hi-Lo Country”, landed a role in the movie “Don Juan”, and as Louise in the 1999 movie “Twice Upon A Yesterday.” She landed a role in the movie “All Pretty Horses” with Matt Damon. A story of 2 Texas cowboys that fled to Mexico to find work, one of them fell in love with a rich rancher’s daughter and entangled with law.

She made her biggest debut in the movie “Woman on Top” as the segment host and cook Isabella Oliveira. A girl that was dumped by her love and made vengeful act to work in another place and all her viewers fell in love and mesmerized by her after seeing on TV. She also starred as Mirtha Jung in the movie “Blow.” A story of a man who brought cocaine to American soil in 1970’s with Johnny Depp. She also stand for the movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” as Pelagia. She fell in love with the Italian commander after her fiancée leaves for World War II. Alongside Nicolas Cage, Christian Bale and ohn Hurt. She also landed the role Sofia Serrano in the movie “Vanilla Sky” with Tom Cruise. She worked also for the movie “Walking Up in Reno” as Brenda and as Chloe Sava in the 2003 film “Gothika” with Halle Berry. A story of psychiatrist that one day wakes up as a patient in the asylum not knowing anything. She also starred in the romantic movie “Head in the Clouds.” She made an outstanding performance in her 2006 movie “Volver” as Raimunda. A story of a dead mother that return in to their town to fix his unresolved problems during her life. This movie received numerous nominations and awards from most award giving body.

She appeared and casted roles in different movies throughout the years not until 2010 she joined the “femme fatale” for the movies “ Sex and the City 2” as Carmen, and then followed in the 2011 movie with Johnny Depp “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” as Angelica. A woman that is longing for a father’s love winding up with Sparrow in the ship of Captain Tich that is in search of the tears of mermaid in the preparation of his predicted death against Captain Barbosa. She also casted in the movie “ To Rome With Love” as Anna, for the movie “I’m So Excited!” as Jessica, as Laura for the movie “ The Counselor”, and continuously making Spanish movies.

Rachel McAdams English Actress

Rachel McAdams

Born as Rachel Anne McAdams on November 17th 1978 in London, Ontario – Canada. A renowned promising actress of her age and a true beauty that exemplifies elegance. She starte in a TV-role in the 2001’s “Shotgun Love Dolls.” This as perfectly followed by “My Name is Tanino” in 2002 as Sally Garfield. He made another movie at the age of 15 as Patsy Grady in “Perfect Pie.” Right away followed by the funny movie “The Hot Chick” with Rob Schneider. A story of a perfect sexy student that was bounded by ancient curse and turned as Clive Maxtone (Schneider). She needs to look for a perfect solution in reconciling his bullied school mates. This was right away followed by “Mean Girls” alongside Lindsay Lohan as group of friends with perfect body and faces winding up hating one another. She also starred in the blockbuster movie as Allison Hamilton in the love-story-drama “The Notebook.” This is about the story of “first love never dies” as a poor passionate man falls in love with a rich girl that was separated with their differences in status of life. She also starred as Claire Cleary in the 2005 movie “Wedding Crashers.” She also starred in the movie “Red Eye” as  Lisa Reisert, followed by “The Family Stone” as Amy Stone, and her 2007 movie called “Married Life.”A story of three soldiers that emerged  from war after suffering the cruelty of humanity, she starred as Colee Dunn in 2008’s “The Lucky Ones.” She also played the character Della Frye in the 2009 movie “State of Play” and in the same year played the role Clare Abshire in the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife” alongside Eric Bana. A story of a librarian that made him involuntarily travels through time with the complications for his marriage. She also starred with Robert Downey Jr. in the 2009 movie “Sherlock Holmes” as Holmes deceiver Irene Adler. The story evolves as Holmes searches for logical reasons to save crime and using his futuristic tactical approach in combats. She also played the role Becky Fuller in the 2010 movie “Morning Glory”, followed by “Midnight in Paris” starring Kathy Bates and Owen Wilson. As a screenwriter, Owen’s character falls into going back to the early 1900’s every day and night. She made another team – up with Downey in the 2011 “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.” This time the story evolve in a “Jack the Ripper” plot finding out their team to battle the group of people – freemasons. She also starred in 3 movies in 2012 entitled “The Vow” as Paige Collins, as Christine Stanford in the movie “Passion”, and as Jane in the movie “To The Wonder.” She also starred in the 2013 movie called “About Time” as Mary, followed with 2 movies in 2014 entitled “A Most Wanted Man” and the documentary film “Take Me to the River.” She also made 4 movies in 2015 naming “Every Thing Will Be Fine” played the role Sara, a voice role as “The Mother” in “The Little Prince”, starred in the movie “Aloha”, played the character Maureen Hope in the movie “southpaw” and as Sacha Pfeiffer in the movie “Spotlight.”


Gal Gadot

It was said that she was born to become “Wonder Woman.” She’s a totally trained soldier, hotelier, Israeli model, and Hollywood actress - Gal Gadot. Born on April 30th 1985 in Rosh Ha-Ayin, Israel. She first started in television roles in an Israeli series called “Bubot.” She made a big-jump in her career when she first landed the role Gisele in the 2009 franchise movie “Fast & Furious.” The story evolved when O’Conner (Paul Walker) and Dominic (Vin Diesel) infiltrated the operation of a heroin importer to look for his girlfriend, Gisele hooked them up. She made a small appearance in the 2009 movie “Entourage”, followed by her role as Natanya in the 2010 movie “Date Night” alongside Steve Carell and Mark Wahlberg. The story runs through 2 married couple that turn their night in to a romantic-glamorous yet thrilling and dangerous case. She also starred with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in the 2010 movie “Knight and Day.” A story of a spy that is trying to clean his name mixed up with a passenger along his way.She again appeared in the fifth installment of “Fast Five” as Giselle, that tried to lure their way to heist the Brazilian drug lord and Hobbs. This was followed in the 2013 movie “Fast & Furious 6.” This time she died while trying to hold down the gigantic plane as their enemy tries to escape and got back the presumed dead - Letty. She appeared as Mirit in the Israeli film called “Kicking out Shoshana”, and in her way to her stardom in the movie “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” that will appear as Diana Prince alter ego “Wonder Woman.”

Gal Gadot English Actress