Kalpen Suresh Modi His immortal tongue twister screen name “Taj Mahal >> Read More... also known as Kal Penn is an Actor, Producer, and Civil Servant. Kalpen Suresh Modi was born on 23rd April 1977 in Montclair, New Jersey, USA. He is the son of Gujarati couple migrated from India to America. His father, Suresh Modi, is an Engineer and mother, Asmita, a fragrance evaluator, a chemist. Kal has a younger brother.

His parents always wanted him to be a lawyer or doctor, but acting essence was always ringing in Kal’s mind. He completed his school years from Marlboro Middle School in Marlboro Township, New Jersey. He played baritone saxophone in the jazz band there. Kal went to ‘The Fine and Performing Arts Academy’ at Howell High School.

He then got transferred to Freehold Township High School for junior and senior years. He was always active in the schools’ theater production. He graduated in 2000 from UCLA. He further studied Film and Sociology.

Kal’s acting career started with his debut feature film named ‘Express: Aisle to Glory’ released in 1998. He then has been noticed well in the films like Van Wilder, Superman Returns, The Namesake Click to look into! >> Read More... , Harold & Kumar Series and many more. In his initial stage of career, he was advised by his family and friends to put the name ‘Kal Penn’ on his resumes, which he found unnecessary and funny. But that resulted in 50 percent more offers than what he used to get earlier.

He only uses this name for professional purposes and likes his original name. ‘Harold & Kumar go to the White Castle’ released in 2004 turned out to be a hit comedy film and was followed by its two sequels, namely, ‘Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay’ (2008) and ‘’ (2011). Kal had first turned down the role he played in the sixth season of TV Series ‘24’ in 2007.

The role he played was of a teenage terrorist. After considering the acting norms, he did the role. Kal was offered the post of Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement in the Obama administration, and he accepted that. He went back to his original name, Kalpen Modi. Kal hosted 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on 6th September.

His speech at the convention resulted in encouraging the young people to vote for Obama. On 18th Nov. 2013, he was appointed to take the responsibility of President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Kal also served as the Master of Ceremonies for the White House Student Film Festival on 28th Feb. 2014.

Kal served as a visiting teacher for the course “Images of Asian Americans in the Media” in Asian American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the year 2008. He was also working on a graduate certificate in International Security from Stanford University in the year 2014. Despite living in the USA, Kal is strictly a vegetarian person.

His favorite book is ‘The Namesake’; he liked the book so much that he would use to check into hotels by the name of the character in the book, ‘Gogul Ganguli’. Later, when the movie was made on this book with the same name, he got the lead role in the movie. More interestingly, Kal Penn was the favorite actor of the son of the director of ‘The Namesake’ and her agents’ sons’ too. Kal was once robbed at gunpoint at midnight in Washington DC, where he lost his wallet and other belongings.

Justin Long English Actor

Justin Long

Justin Long is an American comic Actor. His full name is Justin Jacob Long. Justin was born on 2 June 1978 in Fairfield in Connecticut in U.S.A. The father of Justin, Raymond James Long, was a professor at the Fairfield University. His mother was a former stage actress named Wendy Lesniak. Justin was brought up in a conventional Roman Catholic Family. Justin went to Preparatory School of Fairfield College and then to Vassar College.  During his college, Justin got actively involved in the sketch comedy group and took part in various plays like ‘Butterflies are Free’. Justin has an elder brother named Damian, who is also into acting and does theatre along with teaching at the Weston High School. Justin started acting in movies predominantly opting for comic roles. He had appeared in movies like ‘Jeepers Creepers’ playing the role of “Darry Jenner”, in ‘DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story’ playing “Justin Redman” and also as “Matt Farrell” for the movie ‘Live Free or Die Hard’. Apart from movies, Justin has also acted in various television series like ‘Ed’ that aired during the period 2000 to 2004, in which he played the character of ‘Warren Cheswick’ as a socially anxious person. He has even lent his voice to Alvin, from the ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ kids series and also for the character of Humphrey in ‘Alpha and Omega’. Justin became famous for his appearance as Mac in Apple’s “Get a Mac” advertisement campaign. Justin continued to play supporting characters in various comedy films like ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ in the year 2008, in ‘He’s just not that into you’ in the year 2009 and ‘going the Distance’ in the year 2010. Justin was dating actress Amanda Seyfried from the mid of the year 2013, but they broke up in the year 2015.  


Karel Roden

Karel Roden is the most popular movie actor who was born on May 18, 1962, in the Czech Republic. He is usually seen in American films and is known to play a well-versed role of a stone-hearted, crazy and bloodthirsty villain’s roles. He is presently 53 years old, and he was born to an actor Karel Roden. He shares the blood with Marian Roden as a brother. His long-term partner is Jana Krusova.His daughter's name is Sophie Roden, born on April 4, 2012. He is very well known for his roles in Hellboy. And he attracted the fans through the movie 15 Minutes (2001). EARLY AGE He is also known to have given the voice to the most outstanding game among the teens - Grand Theft Auto 4. He is a graduate of the Comprehensive Art Secondary School for Ceramics and Academy of Performing Arts. FILM CAREER He recently appeared in the "United States" under the direction of James Collets’ "Orphan".  His works are also praised for movies such as "RocknRolla", the renowned Mr. Bean's Vacation, most popular Running Sacred, well directed Bulletproof Monk, etc. He was also seen on small screen in the series such as The Philanthropist, the MI - 5, The Scarlett Pimpernel, Trapasy and A Christmas Tale. As a graduate from a dramatic Academy of Fine Arts, Roden is known to haul from a family with an acting background. Both of his brothers are known to have followed the footsteps of their father. He has an animated feature from  Alois Nebel.  His latest upcoming movies are" Andrassy Street 60" starring opposite to Talia Shire and Barry Corbin. AWARDS He has been awarded numerous prestigious award such as "Czech Lion Award "for the best actor for "Guard no 47", " Alfred Radok Award "for playing Bruno in Le Cocu Magnifique in 1998. He has been nominated several times and is considered to be one of the fine artists.

Karel Roden English Actor