Top 10 Versatile Actors In Hollywood

Top 10 Versatile Actors In Hollywood English Article

The Entertainment industry is full of entertainment. And not just one kind of spectacle, it has got categories, actors either stick to on or be versatile. Some actors are made for that one kind of genre while there are some who just need a script in their hand, and they mold themselves in that role.

Here is a list of Thespian who can perform all types of characters and roles from nervous, geeky guy, to romantic gentleman to a crazy pirate to tough guys to all sorts of electric Characters. List of Ten Versatile, most versatile actors of Modern Day Cinema.



The Heartthrob of Hollywood. We know him as a sea gangster, a writer, a dubbing artist, an emo and a long list follows.

 He is 50 and still makes girls heart to beat faster than the younger actors. He has got the ability to make people laugh beyond limits, shock people with his acting skills and versatility.


He has done roles ranging from a wacky pirate, a joker, psychopath writer, mad hatter, chocolate maker and many more crazy characters



An actor, producer, and husband of a perfect woman. Started his career as a tv artist and now a winner of Golden Globe winner for five roles in movies such as Fight Club, The Curious case of Benjamin Button and Twelve years a slave and Moneyball. Also , he is the winner of People magazine title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’.

His fans love him for his handsome face, his excellent acting skills, and Brangelina as a couple. His roles fall in all categories from a soap salesperson to an Australian climber to Benjamin button and much more.





It makes us smile that Leo finally won an Oscar! But did it actually matter? Oscar or no Oscar he is one of the admirable actors of our generation. And he has proved it always by the different roles he has played. He has played roles varying from a millionaire aviator, intellectual disability, a king, Romeo, etc.




His success story started at an early age giving him the star kid title and continued and is steady until present. Media talks about him as one of the most dedicated and adaptable actors of the present time.

He is most popular and loved for his roles as a serial killer in the movie American Psycho, and obviously for the Batman Trilogy, then the Oscar -winning film The Fighter Click to look into! >> Read More... The Fighter as the brother and trainer of boxer Micky Ward and much more.

5.  Robert De Niro A legendary actor and one of the most influential >> Read More... Robert De Niro

A man who has hit a century in the film industry i.e. he has done over 100 films.

Winner of 5 nominations for the Best Actor and an Academy Award for a role in the movie raging bull and a Life Achievement Award and Golden Globe Award.

His films range from psychological thrillers to drama to comedy to musical. Known as one of the most versatile actors.

6. Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey is a film writer, producer and direct >> Read More... Kevin Spacey

A Director,   Writer,  Actor,  Singer, and  Comedian. Started as a stage actor to reaching a point where he no longer had to introduce himself.

He has won Oscar Academy Awards for supporting and lead roles. He starred in some international hits such as The Usual Suspects and se7en. Also nationally hit films such as A time to kill, Midnight in the garden of good, American Beauty, etc.

7. Daniel Day

He changes himself according to his role demands. Totally dedicated to each role Daniel does, he tries to fit into the character so perfectly that he does everything he can to portray the desired character.

He had done easy to challenging roles. He has played the character of Abraham Lincoln, for the film The Age of Innocence he wore the 1870s dresses in an around NYC for a couple of months. and he has worked hard for all of his roles in all the movies he has done. 

8. Gary Oldman One of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Kno >> Read More... Gary Oldman

How amazing would it be if we could become any character we’ve always fascinated. Well, you know who I am talking about?Yes, Gary! He is known as the man who can play any and every role given.

For starters, he played as a Punk rocker to a gay writer to a Dracula to being the director of a film, then a writer and also a dubbing artist and landed up winning to an Oscar nomination.

In Hollywood, he is greeted as one of the most versatile actors.

9. .

Known by the critics as an excellent and versatile of his generation, despite the personal threatening problems he faced he resumed his life as if nothing ever happened. He claimed huge success even though he faced problems destroying his fame. At the age of five, he depicted the character of a puppy in his father’s film moving to, the role of Chaplin for which he won a nomination for an Academy award moving to the huge hit Marvel film Ironman in which he played Tony Stark and many more heart winning roles.

He has earned an Oscar, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild.

10. Jim Carrey He is undeniably one of the greatest and magnifice >> Read More... Jim Carrey

Started his career as a small city comedian, he worked as a comedian at a club in Toronto. Slowly he begins to do stand-up stage comedy and then paid shows which caught him attention from Rodney Dangerfield for performing with him on his tour. Carrey then tried Hollywood and came up with some huge hits such as Dumb and Dumber and The Mask.

He has tried acting as a serious, a romantic, a dramatic but he is best as a comedian.